Sky / Broadband Issue

  MeV1 21:30 27 Nov 2004

I had Sky+ and multiroom installed today and since the installation I have been unable to connect to my broadband internet connection without their being an interruption causing the line to drop after a few minutes/seconds. I believe that the digiboxes are causing a problem on the phone line.

I have come to this assumption based on the fact that when I lift the telephone receiver off I can connect to the broadband service without issue, presumably because the modems in the digiboxes cannot connect as the phone is up therefore engaging the lane to analog traffic. When I replace the receiver, within a few moments the broadband connection is lost.

My connection was fine without issue prior to sky installation. I have micro filters on both phone sockets but the problem still exists. The only way to confirm for sure is to unplug both boxes from the telephone line but that would be a violation of the BskyB Terms of service.

I was wondering if anyone had experienced this error before and had any advice on what I can do?



  jimv7 21:32 27 Nov 2004

Disconnect the phone line from the digibox.

  Graham ® 21:36 27 Nov 2004

Yep, take it out. Mine's been out for 5 years.

  MeV1 21:43 27 Nov 2004

If you disconnect the phone line within the first year it violates the terms of service.

Sky do it to make sure people dont move the boxes.

seen as I had it installed today I cant take it out.

  Graham ® 21:48 27 Nov 2004

Sorry to disagree, Sky will never know you have unplugged the phone line. How could they?

  Graham ® 21:51 27 Nov 2004

I suppose they could send a signal over the satellite for your box to phone home, but what if you're on the phone?

  MeV1 21:57 27 Nov 2004

I am not unplugging the box, the installer was really concernded that I didnt unplug the phoneline otherwise I would be in trouble.

Any other ideas?

  nkosi 22:08 27 Nov 2004

Just to clarify - do you have filters on the sky digiboxes as well as the phones? I had the same problem when I upgraded to IMb broadband and the helpline guy was adamant that it was a filter problem, possibly a faulty one. He suggested unplugging everything except the broadband connection and then plugging each phone and filter in one at a time to see if one was faulty. It was then that I discovered I didn't have my digibox filtered and it hadn't caused a problem until I upgraded.

The only time Sky use the phone line is in the early hours of the morning to download software updates - allegedly.

  Spark6 22:09 27 Nov 2004

1. Graham's suggestion should cure your problem, I've run Sky without the phone connection since it was installed.

2. Do you have micro filters on all your phone outlets that are in use? The Sky tel. connections, all phone connections and your broadband connection?

Good luck

  MeV1 22:23 27 Nov 2004

Yes I do.

I have also e-mailed sky to ask them what I should do. I will post here if I dont get a response.

Thanks for your suggestions. guys. (and girls! Just to be P.C.)

  Lionheart ? 22:24 27 Nov 2004

I know this will not help with your problem.

Presuming this Sky connection is their new offer.

This is what I have found on a Sky forum, about keeping the phone line connected.

"If either box doesn't phone home for 3 months then you will get a letter from Sky warning you that you are not connected, and if you don't reconnect you will end up paying full whack for both subscriptions.

It doesn't matter if you don't use the interactive features, the phone line is essential for maintaining your cheap subscription."

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