sky broadband. chap authentication failed?

  Superstylin 18:43 21 Mar 2007

hi i am trying to set up sky broadband. i have received a netgear dg834gt router and after setting up and it showing all the correct lights i can still not display a webpage. i have gone into the router settings to see that no ip address is shown and in some kind of diagnostic test it says 'chap authentication failed'.
i've contacted sky but their 1st line of help was pretty useless and it's been escalated. unfortunately the next line of tech help may take upto 5 days!
any help or info would be greatly received

  Superstylin 21:03 21 Mar 2007


  fitshase 22:28 21 Mar 2007

The chap authentication is logging on to the sky internet system. If the authentication has failed, it could be your username or password or it could be their end.

  rodriguez 23:42 21 Mar 2007

Your Sky username and password are hardcoded into the router, meaning you don't have to type them in. I sometimes got Error Code 300 when it wouldn't get a DNS address. As fitshase says, it could be their end. Sky have a few connection problems and I think this is to do with too many people using a too new service and it's struggling to cope.

  rodriguez 23:46 21 Mar 2007

Also, Sky username and password are not unique to you as a person - they don't contain your name or anything. I ripped mine out of the router before when I needed to use my old BT router and basically the username is the MAC address of your router followed by @skydsl then the password is a random 10 digit hex number.

  Superstylin 09:25 22 Mar 2007

yep it's definitely something to do with the username/password. i managed to get my username and password from the router and used my belkin router to try and connect using those details but had no luck. as a test i then used my brothers sky username and password with the belkin router and i got connection.
i'm not sure what to do now. since i know the problem should i ring sky or wait for the tech help to ring me back. i assume there's no direct line to tech help beyond level 1 and the level 1 guy i talked to first had no idea what chap authentication was!

  rodriguez 21:17 22 Mar 2007

If you don't want to waste your phone bill on technical support calls use 0800 0512595. Taken from click here - you can use that site to find allsorts of companies that use 0870 numbers and get free alternatives. Saves a few pennies on the phone bill.

  Superstylin 08:34 23 Mar 2007

thanks rodriguez, i'll ring them tonight after work....or from work this after' if it gets quiet!

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