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  Hugo15 12:22 12 Dec 2006

I'm new to this computer lark and I am thinking of getting Sky Broadband (mainly because the base package is free). How long does it take from ordering it from Sky to getting on the net. I understand they have to activeate something? What does this mean?

How easy is it to get it to work once it arrives? I can follow a decent set of intructions but I am no tech wizard (but you might have guessed this from the questions in this post!!)


  Dipso 14:46 12 Dec 2006

Do you know if Base is available in your area? If not, you can only go for the Connect package at £17 per month.

click here and enter the name of your telephone exchange. When you get the results click on your exchange name and look for Local loop unbundling presence and see if Easynet is available (this is the network Sky are using).

As for setting it up, the Sky router is a Netgear DG834GT which is pretty easy to set up or you can go to click here for a tutorial.

  daxian 16:33 12 Dec 2006

hi dipso ....thanks for the link ,wahay....mine is in the list ....enabled since november,.....

wonder when sky will get round to tellin me ???

registered when they first announced it.

  bluto1 19:21 12 Dec 2006


  Hugo15 20:49 12 Dec 2006

Thanks Dispo. Easynet is available in my area. Not much else is though.

If I don't go for Sky, what else is good?

  baldyx 21:19 12 Dec 2006

I have now been a Sky broadband user for about a month and I think have exceeded the quota for the problems i have had.

I have reported problem with my router on 18th November when I was informed that a new router will be sent to me in a couple of days (I thought great at the time!).No router arrived by the end of 5days & to cut the long story short, I have contacted them about six times since then and last phone call time I was told that my replacement order was ,for some reason, cancelled!
I was not informed of this until I phone them.
My router arrived today and is , fingers crossed,
working well.

No matter how you contact them ,by e-mail,letter,phone calls, it's you the customer have to find out what's going on with your problem. There is complete lack of after sales service.

  Dipso 22:21 12 Dec 2006

The list I referred you to is only the ISP's with there own equipment at the exchange, LLU. You can take your pick of those that use the BT network.

Depends on your usage but check out Newnet, Zen, IDNet, Entanet resellers - Aquiss, Freeola, UKFSN, Vivaciti, ADSL24.

  bluto1 22:37 12 Dec 2006

Thanks pal, I only looked at the first few and the message was loud and clear. However I`m an optimist so they might get their act together next year (or) sometime, as might Tiscali. Ta v m

  Hugo15 07:38 13 Dec 2006


Is Sky's customer service much worse than the others or just a reflection that customer service from big companies tends to fall short of the mark?

Not sure what my usage will be. Think it will mostly for conecting to forums and general surfing rather than downloading files/music. This is why I am draw to Sky as 2mb speed will be fine and the 2Gb monthly limit shouldn't be a problem (and its free!).

  daxian 09:04 13 Dec 2006

hi guys ...
i think all the big firms suffer from the sort of problems that thier offers of free internet bring.
in as much as they underestimate the response to the offers .
just to give a balanced view ....
click here
while i am sure the number of good reports is overwhelmed by the bad ,i feel sure that the problems will eventually be sorted .
(no i dont work for sky)lol.Dave.

  Dipso 13:10 13 Dec 2006

Customer service isn't a big deal to me in that I try and sort things out myself and only contact the ISP if I really have to, but quote - "I'm new to this computer lark " it maybe more relevant to you.

One thing that is a big deal to me is length of contract. I have never and would never sign up for an ISP that has a 12 month contract but each to their own.

A 2 Gig inclusive limit should be fine for what you intend to use it for as should a 2Mb connection.

At the end of the day, Sky offers what you want and apart from the set up cost which you possibly would have to pay anyway, you're getting broadband for free.

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