Skidzy's Safe and Clean Computers 2

  wams 21:14 15 Apr 2009

I have followed Skidzy's advice and downloaded the following programs:
ZoneAlarm Firewall

I also followed Brundle's advice with Secunia
and its found 2 end-of-life programs:
Apple Quicktime 6.x and Shockwave Player 8.x

I have updated QuickTime, start-my computer-HDD-program files-quickTime-QuickTimeUpdater but secunia still shows it as an end-of-life.

I cant find the Shockwave player to uninstall or to update but would rather to that than use Secunia's download link.

I also have 10 unsecured programs needing patches

I have recently done a clean install on my laptop using Smart Restore and saved all my files on to several flash drives.

I am using XP SP3

Do you have any suggestions?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:31 15 Apr 2009

Do you have any suggestions?

for what?

Do you have a problem?

  brundle 21:33 15 Apr 2009

You can get the `Slim` Shockwave installer here; click here

Don't know the major difference between it and the full version but I always use the slim one and have never had problems.

As far as QT is concerned - does Secunia pinpoint a particular file, or location for QT6?

  wams 21:47 15 Apr 2009

Only an installation path:

c:\program files\QuickTime\QuickTimePlayer.exe

I tried to uninstall QT by following the progam path but it tells me if i do then other programs will not work properly.

Now if i install 'Slim' will it overite current version without causing any errors to previous QT

  wams 22:09 15 Apr 2009

Now if i install 'Slim' will it overite current version without causing any errors to previous QT.

Sorry i meant 'will it overite current version of shockwave player'

Too busy watching The Apprentice to concentrate on what i want to say.

  brundle 22:14 15 Apr 2009

Shockwave is not related to Quicktime. Let me take a look at the Quicktime issue - I must admit I tend to use Quicktime Alternative rather than QT itself ( click here) ). Apple seem to think it's OK to install other things without telling you (Apple Software Update for one).

  brundle 22:16 15 Apr 2009

Yes it will overwrite and update the current version of Shockwave, though Secunia has a bit of a problem where it picks up miscellaneous files from the I386 folder on a PC (if you have one) - that contains the installation files for XP, and depending on the service pack version of the I386 files it can show risks where none actually exist.

  wams 22:47 15 Apr 2009

I decided to use Secunia's download link and installed QT 7 (i need to mention that i use IE6 if that helps)

Now if Apple like to add other files, i will go back to my earliest restore point, then download QT Alternative.

I do have a file I386 and its found at Start/My computer/HDD(c:)

the file has a series of 24 letters & numbers

  Stuartli 23:37 15 Apr 2009

The i386 folder is the Windows source for enabling it to work correctly.

It should not be tampered with...:-)

  Stuartli 23:38 15 Apr 2009

Some info on the i386 folder:

click here

  wams 18:48 16 Apr 2009

I wont tamper with i386 folder, now that i know its purpose.

Thanks to you all for your responses

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