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  jg1990 20:24 05 May 2005

I have recently been redeveloping and refining one of my exisitng websites only to have seemingly hit a brick wall.

It's a little difficult to explain the problem so I've taken a few screenshots.

I have the following page: click here
The links on the left should be together on the left, not quite as spaced out as that!
To explain further I have taken a screenshot of how it should be and how it looks in macromedia:click here

Does anyone know how to solve this?

Many Thanks, James

  LeadingMNMs 21:13 05 May 2005

To be honest the HTML thats been generated is a mess and theres far to much repetition.

I believe the problem is with the content being so long. The content is told to occupy 12 rows of the table, so the same number of links. Whats happening is the rows are expanding so that 12 rows equals the height of the content, therefore the cells become stretched and the links become seperated. (I'm sure that won't make sense, certainly not first time).

Unfortunately I have no idea how to sort it out in Dreamweaver, since I hard code everything and never use tables for layout. However, you could probably use a single row, with the two columns and align the links column to the top (vertically), but again I have no idea how to do it in Dreamweaver.

  jg1990 21:30 05 May 2005

If I created a separate table in the left hand column then put the buttons in that would that work?

Many Thanks, James

  jg1990 22:07 05 May 2005

all solved now. Many Thanks. Well thats the easy bit of the coursework done. Now I've got the pleasure of writing it all up!

Regards, James

  jg1990 08:38 06 May 2005

Yeh, I haven't yet uploaded the full site to the server. Originally I just uploaded the yourenergy.htm page to show you what I was trying to do. When I have my form completed in the contact page I will upload the new site to the server.

Regards, James

  jg1990 14:32 07 May 2005

I've uploaded the site to click here.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can improve it?

Many Thanks, James

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