Size of Start Up columns

  geedad 09:24 13 May 2007

How do I reduce the WIDTH of the COLUMNS in the Start - Programs list?
I have so many programs that they are gradually slipping to the right and disappearing off the screen!
geedad 09:33 13 May 2007

Hi, I'm not entirely sure if this is possible.

The way I got around this problem was to organise all of the programs into different folders. i.e folders that relate to the Internet such as Internet explorer, or messenger software, or email software, I would put in a folder named 'Internet.'

You can view and edit the folders in the program files menu, and create different folders within this by right-clicking the start button, and clicking 'open all users.'

I hope this is of some help, and makes sense.

  STREETWORK 09:35 13 May 2007

Every column in the All Programs list must be the same size because of the way the program is written. As a result, your column width will be determined by the size of the longest label. If the first two columns are "over-wide", then that means that your column width is being determined by one of the items on the third column. Since you cannot see most of the third column, then you will have to look at it a different way.

Right-click on the Start button and select the "Explore" option. This will open up a Windows Explorer window to the "C:\Documents and Settings\user\Start Menu" directory (where "user" is the user ID you are currently logged in as). Under this directory, you will find a "Programs" directory. Open up the "Programs" directory. You should notice that the directories and files (except for the desktop.ini file) under the "Programs" directory are identical to some of the directories and files listed on the All Programs list. This directory is one of two directories used to build the All Programs list. Look through the list of directories and files with the "Programs" directory and find the directory or file with the longest name. Make note of this name for use later on.

Right-click on the Start button again and select the "Explore All Users" option. This will either open up a new Windows Explorer window or use the one you already have open to show you the "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu". Open up the "Programs" directory under that directory. As you may have already guessed, this is the second directory used to build the All Programs list. Search through this "Programs" directory and find the directory or file with the longest name again.

Once you have found the longest name, compare it to the size of the longest name that you found in the "C:\Documents and Settings\user\Start Menu\Programs" directory. Whichever name is longer is the name that is being used to determine the width of the columns on the All Programs list. Right-click on the longest name and select the "Rename" option. Change the name of the directory or file to something shorter that still makes sense to you. After the directory or file has been renamed, open up the All Programs list and see if the column width is better. If you would still like to have the columns be narrower, then repeat all of these steps as many times as is necessary to get the columns to the desired width.

  geedad 09:49 13 May 2007

Thanks to you both. Will try all.

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