Size of screen on only one tab

  faulties 18:47 22 May 2019

Hi folks,

I was sending a private message to PayPal about my account. When I'd finished I tried to underline what I'd written. I mistakenly pressed the control key and the hyphen key at the same time not looking at the screen. When I looked up everything was minute on the screen.

I had a look at another tab I had open and everything was fine there so I logged off PayPal and tried again.....same thing so tiny I'm having to copy/paste everything to be able to see who's paid what they owe.

Anybody have any ideas as to how I can get it back to normal please?

TIA, Pat.

  Flat Earther 20:45 22 May 2019

Zoom size is site specific in Chrome, it'll remember your setting. Ctrl and + to re-enlarge, or Ctrl and Scroll wheel up on mouse, or click on the magnifying glass in address bar, or via three dots at the top right.

  faulties 08:03 23 May 2019

Thanks Flat Earther, this worked in Firefox on Windows 10 too.

Regards, Pat

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