size of a pixel ?

  Ikelos 12:34 23 Apr 2006

hi, is a pixel a set size, or what i really want to know, is there set amount in an inch. trying to resize some pictures, tried changing it to cm and inches and the size on the screen is not what i am puuting in..i might have lost the plot.


  DieSse 13:14 23 Apr 2006

No it's not a fixed size in a picture. It's essentially one dot (Picture Element) in the picture. So a 800x600 picture is 800 dots wide by 600 dots high. Since you can zoom in and out on a picture, and it's size on the screen will change, yet the pixels won't - it follows that a pixel (in a picture) is not a fixed size.

Can you explain why you need to resize your pictures, then a better explanation of what you should do can be suggested.

  Ikelos 13:18 23 Apr 2006

dont laugh, i was trying to resize a couple of photographs to use as passport pics, my better half said dont bother, but i have started so i will finish.

  Stuartli 13:24 23 Apr 2006

Regarding passport pictures, be aware that there are now very strict requirements to follow...:-(


click here

  Ikelos 13:27 23 Apr 2006

you are so right, at this moment i am taking some pics nailing them into the pc, then trying to alter them..without much luck..could be all down the photo booth in the week :-))

  DieSse 15:37 23 Apr 2006

It's not what they look like in the PC that matters - (picture viewers allow to you zoom in and out, and sometimes they do it automatically) - the size on the screen often bears little resemblance to what is printed.

So concentrate on the printed size - in that case cm will be you best bet for resizing - though you can often choose the printed size, irrespective of the actual size. It all depends on the software and the printer driver.

  Ikelos 16:00 23 Apr 2006

thank you, you are right, just tried to print one of them, as a test, and yes, the size can be altered. nice one...........thanks again all

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