Size of Hard Drive

  Sam Stockdale 17:34 08 Sep 2004

I recently bought an Inspiron 1150 from Dell, requesting a 40GB hard drive. When it arrived and I checked the hard drive, it was registering 33.7GB. Could anyone tell me whether or not this is okay?

  Sam Stockdale 17:37 08 Sep 2004

It shows 33.7GB as the size before installation of all the software it comes with :)

  Dorsai 17:44 08 Sep 2004

click here

for belarc advisor. It should tell you what size the hard drive is, and may give a better idea. down load, run it and post back.

I got the program from others posts to this site, and use it myself.

  Djohn 17:56 08 Sep 2004

The drive will be advertised as a 40 GB drive, this is rounded up to the nearest whole figure as manufactures/suppliers tend to quote 1000MB = 1GB. There are 1024MB to 1GB so the drives actual size could have been 39.936 or 40.960.

That is 1024MB x 40 = 40.960 or 40 divided by 1024 = 39.936. Your drive is likely to be the latter of the two. Allowing for formatting of the drive the size shown in My Computer will be approximately 37GB.

If there is an operating system installed on the drive this also will lower the figure depending on which O/S you use. Then you start to install programs/Applications etc. My 80GB drives once formatted but without any programs on show as 76.32GB.

  Dorsai 18:19 08 Sep 2004

Very tru.

My 160GB drive shows in windows as 148.8gb. But belarc accuratly recognises it as 160.1gb.

If Sam Stockdale runs belarc and it says 40Gb, we know for sure that, as you say, formatting etc accounts for the missing space.

  Sam Stockdale 18:44 08 Sep 2004

Thanks for that, everyone. I have got Belarc Advisor on my desktop PC. Don't know why I didn't think of running it on the laptop.

It does read that it's a 40GB hard drive and about 4GB is given over to formatting and stuff.

Thanks again.

  Djohn 18:47 08 Sep 2004

Must admit my maths are not very good and I had to play about with the calculator for a while to work that one out. :o)

  Dorsai 19:37 08 Sep 2004

I tried the math. Gave up. Just knew belarc did know the math. As, it seems do you.

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