size differences in a memory stick-what/why??

  SparkyJack 18:47 06 Jun 2014

A cheap mouse from a discout supplier, included in the package amemory stck- a bonus.

Its was clearly marked on the stick and the pack 2Gb.

here is the strange bit when inserted into my comters both Windows and LLLinux the machinws report 8Gb, an even bigger bonus.

yet when I loaded some doc files and took it to a friends win7 machine, it reported a 2gb device.

How come?

  tullie 19:14 06 Jun 2014

so what does it say you have now,original memory+new memory,have you got a 64 bit system?

  SparkyJack 08:19 07 Jun 2014

I think I get the drift of your thoughts Tillie

My 4 all Ubuntu 3x32 bit 1 64 bit. All see 8.1 GB

My mates 32 bit Win 7 sees 2GB

I geuss the only way to find out whats what is what is for me to fill it full of files,then put it in maates machine to see what it finds

  Batch 08:29 07 Jun 2014

Maybe a cheap poor quality freebie? Would not trust it with any valuable data.

  spuds 10:37 07 Jun 2014

I am not say its the case here, but purchasing memory stick need a little caution, because there are bootleg versions on the market, which may not appear what they seem?.

Most £1 discount stores sell computer related items, and I have purchased a number, but with this in mind, "you might get a bargain what you pay for?".

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:37 07 Jun 2014

May be partitioned and windows can only see one 2g partition if other partions are formatted in other than fat32 or ntfs

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