Size of 'C' drive

  Ancient Learner 16:17 15 Jun 2005

I began to get into a discussion about this on another thread click here and decided that I had better start another of my own!

After being told that instead of my 10.5GB on my 'C'drive 3.3 should be big enough, I thought that I should look into this further.
The main content of my 'C' drive is as follows:-

Documents and Settings 3.46GB

Drivers 0.53

1386 0.47

Programme Files 1.37 (these seem to be related to all the programmes installed, even though the programmes themselves reside in another partition (Drive))

SJ66L 0.05

Windows 2.62

Page Files.sys 1.49

= 9.99GB of the total of

I managed to follow the instructions given to deal with the Page file, but it looks awfully scary to me, and not at all clear what you are supposed to do to have this on another partition. And what is one supposed to do with the Docs and settings; I have 'my docs' on a separate partition, but much of this seems to be a duplicate of that.

Could anyone help with a friendly hand to guide through me the opaque nature of this, benificial business.

  leo49 16:21 15 Jun 2005

PC organisation is a very personal thing - what suits me will strike others as ridiculous and very much vice versa.

If your PC happily works and you're happy with it then why bother?

  Ancient Learner 16:25 15 Jun 2005

I've had another look at the Docs and settings folder and I was wrong, it does not duplicate the 'My docs'. What it does contain is the 'Applications' folder and over 3Gb of this is 'Shead' Nero files of BackItUp that it has retained here for some reason after putting them onto DVD. Can I move these?

  Ancient Learner 16:28 15 Jun 2005

OK. I mistakenly got the impression that I really aught to hve mine organised differently. Apparently not! I do feel a lot better. :))

  Joe R 16:29 15 Jun 2005

Ancient Learner,

if you already have these files on dvd, it is perfectly safe to delete them.

  leo49 16:33 15 Jun 2005

Never bothered with the BackItUp component so can't advise - but just glanced at the Help files and see that you restore from your DVD so I don't see why not.It also mentions that Nero creates 'temporary' copies of the Backup and presumably these are they, having outstayed their welcome.

  Ancient Learner 17:04 15 Jun 2005

I'll get shut of them then. Thank you!

I'll see if CCleaner shifts them first before I do it manually.

  Ancient Learner 17:21 15 Jun 2005

CCleaner did not shift it. I did it by deleting it.

It's a shame that there doesn't seem to be a way of getting this done automatically, or is there I wonder?

  Joe R 17:27 15 Jun 2005

Ancient Learner,

Ccleaner will do it for you if you add whatever folders you want cleaned, by going to, Options/custom folders and add folder.

  Ancient Learner 20:36 15 Jun 2005

Now I find that my auto updating by Nero has gone, so I will have to start it again. Then, of course, I will get these files again in 'C' drive. I can't spot any way of having these files/folders put onto another drive! So, unless I can, the 10.5GB 'C' drive looks set to remain.

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