SIW Memory Warning.

  birdface 18:37 27 Nov 2011

  birdface 18:41 27 Nov 2011


Don't know how that happened.

Memory warning from SIW.

Red Warning saying Wrong Values Reported by Bios.

Sort of saying there is only 2Mb instead of 4 mb.

Don't like going into the Bios but heading there now.

If anyone could tell me what I should be looking for.

  birdface 19:02 27 Nov 2011

Nope found nothing wrong in the Bios but not that sure what I was looking for.

It said installed memory 4096Mb

The only other thing was Super Bios protect was turned off and I suppose it normally is.

I was checking what memory I had on SIW when I noticed it.

It also says. Maximum Capacity 2048 Mb [wrong value reported by Bios.]

I can only assume a wrong Diagnosis by SIW.

  robin_x 19:10 27 Nov 2011

See what the scanner at Crucial says?

  birdface 19:18 27 Nov 2011

That said I had 4Gb and that's what I have.Not sure why I get the warning.

  birdface 19:25 27 Nov 2011

It does say Data width 64 bit. So not sure if it thinks it is a 64 bit but it is the 32 bit I use on this.

Maybe thats the problem.

  birdface 22:52 27 Nov 2011

Come to think about it I am sure I got a warning about 10 days ago warning me of being short of memory. I ran a memory test and it found no problems.

  gengiscant 04:12 28 Nov 2011

You should check the RAM modules and see if they are both the same. I had the same warning from a HTPC I was playing about with. Although the RAM was the same type the two modules had different timings which will thow up the error in SIW.

If you want me to check your RAM then you will need to post the long model string which should be on a white label on one side of RAM. It will be a series of numbers and letters also post the maker of the RAM.

  birdface 08:24 28 Nov 2011


SIW give it as a matching pair from Crucial.The only difference is with the Serial Numbers which are far apart. But everything else matches.

1st slot serial number.8C0422C8

2nd slot Serial Number.86017960

A bit reluctant to open computer and remove the ram modules.With me if nothing can go wrong it will.

But if that is the only way I will do it a bit later as I have to go out in a bit.

  gengiscant 09:07 28 Nov 2011

Those numbers are meaningless.What I am looking for is something similar to this CMX8GX3M4A1600C9 which is actually my RAM, and I would need them both. So remove each module separately note the makers code. Make sure that they are both Crucial. I have noticed often on this forum Crucial memory scan recommended, but not by me and really by very few if any system builders.It has got it wrong far to often for my liking.

  birdface 09:22 28 Nov 2011


Ok will try it later when I get back home.

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