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  OK Computer 19:56 03 Feb 2005

I'm looking for some urgent help!

I have just reinstalled my PC and within minutes of connecting to my adsl broadband I received some sort of adware software. It pops up a grey window saying:


Internet Explorer Add-in

Click here to update your system with a custom sitebar.

Any ideas? Ive ran Adware and I dont think its detecting it let alone removing it. I'm desperate for a free way of removing this, its becoming very irritating! Any ideas? Please help!

  VoG II 20:01 03 Feb 2005

Uninstaller click here

  OK Computer 20:21 03 Feb 2005

Thanks, tried that and it looked like it had worked, I restarted my PC and connected back onto the internet without a problem, then my broadband dropped and it came back!!! arghhh! I think it has left a file on my c:\ that just keeps coming back called ysbinstall and the licence agreement points to a website called some like ybs . com (I havent gone there yet for fear of making it worse)

  OK Computer 20:48 03 Feb 2005

also, my internet access appears to be running very slow. Sometime I will open IE and I know
that I will have a problem because when I start typing something like say google, it wont try to autocomplete, I then try and connect to the site and the page cannot be found, Im guessing this is connected to the adware that I have?

  OK Computer 20:51 03 Feb 2005

Its so weird! All of a sudden my internet access is flying again! confused!

  OK Computer 21:03 03 Feb 2005

Sorry to be a pain in the backside but I also noticed a text file on the root of my c:\ drive called debug.txt and has mass amounts of content along the lines of this:

NICK [nese]-41265493
USER ybcgcllebe 0 0 :[nese]-41265493 NOTICE AUTH :*** Looking up your hostname... NOTICE AUTH :*** Checking ident... NOTICE AUTH :*** Received identd response NOTICE AUTH :*** Found your hostname 001 [nese]-41265493 :Welcome to the IRC Network [nese]-41265493!~[email protected]
USERHOST [nese]-41265493
MODE [nese]-41265493 -x+B
JOIN #b00l33n b00l

I've never heard or been on this website! WTF?

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