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  lihp 18:55 30 Jan 2008

As a father of a teenage daughter who's far more computer literate than me, can anyone point me in the right direction. Being aware of the evils(sic) of social sites I'm trying to restrict access using Cyberpatrol. But my daughter appears to be using something called a site unblocker. It seems these bypass parental controls. In fact if you Google there appears to be any number of these 'helpful aids' to the mischievious teenager.
I'm loosing control - please help.

  skidzy 19:10 30 Jan 2008

click here

Im afraid the best piece of software to monitor the children is ....... moving the pc so you can supervise the user.And limiting the internet time can work wonders too,i speak from experience with three boys (two teenagers).

  Clapton is God 19:15 30 Jan 2008

Why do you mistrust your teenage daughter so much that you need to be in control?

  lihp 19:44 30 Jan 2008

Not mistrust - just worried - that she may be easily lead astray by the proliferation of social networking sites and those non-teenagers who use them for nefarious reasons. If you're not aware just ask your local headteacher or education authority. Schools are forever issuing warnings. I'm not against social sites - I belong to one myself - but there is evil out there!

  bluto1 19:58 30 Jan 2008

Bring it out into the open, either you or your wife, both might appear as being ganging up. Ask her why she's uding a "site unblocker". She'll probably say because you blocked it.

  lihp 20:04 30 Jan 2008

What's the point in having parental controls if they are not effective. It's the same as hacking - are you in favour? Social networking is very addictive and very time consuming. As I said, I'm not against social networking only the amount of time it can take up to the detriment of homework.

  bluto1 20:05 30 Jan 2008

I'm sorry about my last post, I was trying to delete it as I did twice before, because I felt my reply was so inadequate.

I'll try to continue my thoughts here. Whatever is said do not let the chat develop into a shouting match. Ask her why she didn't talk to you about why you put the block on. She'll probably want to know why you felt you had to put it there. I'm sure you can take it from there.

  lihp 20:12 30 Jan 2008

We appreciate your comments. It's very difficult these days doing the right thing. Although we want to allow our daughter freedom to participate in social activities like networking we feel that she's in control and not us. We are still responsible for her and feel the internet opens whole new areas of concern for parents. Just browse parenting sites and you become paranoid. We just wondered why block a site when there are site unblockers readily available to undo the good of parental controls. And the word is parental CONTROL (not shouting!)

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