Site search help required

  Pesala 19:19 14 Dec 2003

I've tried every way I can think of, but it just doesn't work. I tried with a topic I can see on the first page "Home Network Connection" but if I search for "Network" it is not found. How come?

Does it mean that one has to remember the first word in thread title to find a thread?

  spikeychris 19:27 14 Dec 2003

Have you tried the search option top right? I always use that one as the other is hit and miss. Just tried network and it dragged it up.

  Pesala 19:32 14 Dec 2003

First attempt was OK, More Helproom gave the following error message:

The request has exceeded the allowable time limit Tag: cfmail

The error occurred in D:\InetPub\wwwroot\pcadvisor_100\index.cfm: line 10

8 : <cfinclude template="fbx_fusebox30_CF50.cfm">
9 : <cfcatch type="Any">
10 : <cfmail to="[email protected]" from="[email protected]" subject="PC Advisor - error" cc="[email protected]">
11 : Type:#CFCATCH.Type#
12 : Message:#CFCATCH.Message#

I think the dedicated search facility will be a lot more efficient than a site search, but one needs to understand the rules to get the best results. I am sure a lot of users, like me, try a few times then give up and post a question.

Hey! I didn't even think of doing a search for "Search."

  Pesala 19:41 14 Dec 2003

"Network" OR "Connection" finds "Home Network Connection"

"Firewall" OR "Firewall" finds "I'm going to run my PC without a Firewall..."

That should make finding threads a bit easier.

  Djohn 19:46 14 Dec 2003

If you place the same word in both boxes, then use the "OR" and not the "AND", it will always come back with better results. j.

  Pesala 20:04 14 Dec 2003

If you can remember that you have a very high likelihood of success.

"Firewall" AND "PC" finds nothing

"Firewall" OR "PC" finds the thread, but 39 irrelevant threads too.

"Firewall" OR "Firewall" find the thread, and 8 others.

"I'm" AND "PC" finds just the one thread.

  Pesala 20:13 14 Dec 2003

The word in the first box can be any unusual word,

"Joker" OR "Firewall" also finds the 9 related threads on Firewalls in the last week.

So the best policy seems to be:

In the first box put any word that you think might be in the title. Use "OR" In the second box put the word that you are fairly sure is contained in the title.

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