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  cbr keith 20:03 17 May 2005

Hello all

You were all so helpfull in my last post, I wondered if I could call on your expert help again...

My site is up and running - click here - and I'm happy with it, but I'd like to provide a facility for visitors to search the site.

I've tried "freefind" and "picosearch" but don't like all the sponsored links that will take visitors away from my site. It's also difficult (for me - impossible!) to make the results page look the same as the rest of the site.

I have a cgi-bin available but have been unable to get even a very simple script to work.

So, what I'm after is a search facility to just search my site, that's EASY do implement (I'm a newbie!) and can integrate with fusion7 so I can keep the same look as the rest of my site. Oh & it'd be nice if it was free (or really cheap!)

Wow - don't want much do I?!

  LeadingMNMs 21:26 17 May 2005

To be honest, at present I don't think that you need a search facility on your site. Its not exactly big and it is fairly easy to find your way around.

I know its not a solution, just my observation.

  cbr keith 20:50 20 May 2005

Thanks for your advice.

This is why I like this forum - there's me stuck in the groove of "must have a site search" mainly because most other sites have one - and you come along with a different perspective altogether!

The horrible sponsered site search is gone!

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