Is this site safe to use or is it malicious

  ponytail 09:52 11 Dec 2016

I am trying to find out about the following program freemake video converter but everytime I try to down load it it says Bullguard has blocked this site as it is believed to be unsafe.I want to change some video formats to MPEG1/2 and am struggling to find a suitable program to do it.

  Pine Man 10:07 11 Dec 2016

No problems with that site. Both my iMac and my PC using Norton think it is safe.

  ponytail 10:23 11 Dec 2016

Have you used that program to convert any video files.Do not want to install it if it is not going to work.My main problem is I am not sure what format my videos are in and do not know how to find out.Thanks for your reply

  wee eddie 10:24 11 Dec 2016

There is just a possibility that there are PUPs among the Download.

It might be worth your while to have "Unchecky" in your armoury

  Pine Man 10:27 11 Dec 2016

I have never tried the software - just advising on the site itself. As wee eddie says watch out for PUPs, which are often attached to downloads from freebie sites.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:38 11 Dec 2016

Its excellent software to use for converting or trimming video and audio I use it a lot.

Beware the download contains many PUPS so you must custom install and use something like Unchecky whilst installing then run ADWcleaner and Maleware bytes to double check afterwards.

Once installed ignore the options to update., and dif you want the latest version at a laterdate then do a fresh download and install as above so you have more control over what is happening.

Shame really as a good program is ruined by the crap that is bundled with it.

  Burn-it 14:36 11 Dec 2016

I use VLC to change formats.

  ponytail 14:48 11 Dec 2016

Hi Burn-it Ihave VLC on my laptop could let me have the procedure for changing formats.Thank's

  ponytail 15:49 11 Dec 2016

I have tried the following procedure on VLC Open VLC Click Media Click Convert/Save ADD Convert/Save

Not whats next it says something about destination folder

  ponytail 17:23 11 Dec 2016

I have created a folder within my documents is that correct

  ponytail 12:26 12 Dec 2016

I entered convert which is the name I gave to the folder into the destination file and clicked on start but all I get is the main VLC screen no progress bar it looks like nothing is happening.I called into my local PC shop this morning as I was in town christmas shopping and the man who runs the shop said it was not possible to change the format once it is on the hard drive even though I have seen plenty of programs on google which say otherwise.

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