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  mysteriesofwales 10:38 18 Jul 2010

Hi guys,would it be possible to have a peek at my site and give your opinions. I have no website experience so not sure how it appears on other browsers, plus if you can give me an answer in non tech terms, how do I embed video? I have tried many ways but just end up with a blank video box,or a huge video that takes up half the page.Thanks, and I really appreciate your time.
My site is at
click here

  mysteriesofwales 20:05 18 Jul 2010

Ok, all noted and taken into consideration, and thanks to everyone who took the time to go through it, it has taken me a long time to do,and was originaly done via geocities which was very limiting,then transfered when it closed down.
I shall work through it slowly and correct the errors.
Any other advice on embeding my own vids onto the site rather than youtube?
Again, thanks to all who replied.

  Forum Editor 23:49 18 Jul 2010

and it certainly has a wealth of interesting content, but....

1. A white serif font against a black background is very difficult from a reader's point of view. I fear that a lot of visitors will give up - I certainly would. Try it in Verdana, and if you must have the black background do as fourm member suggests, and lose the background fuss. If you want a revelation, experiment by putting the text in black Verdana against a white background, and see how it transforms the readability.

2. The site is littered with misspellings and typos. The plural of story is 'stories', not 'story's' for example, and fantasy's should be fantasies. You obviously have a particular difficulty with these plurals, for there are many such errors in the site. (colony's instead of colonies is another). When you're writing large slabs of text it's very easy to overlook the odd typo, and it's worth spending some time to go slowly through every paragraph, correcting as you go. Alternatively - and this is often the best solution - get someone else to edit the text for you.

I found the site fascinating, you are to be congratulated on a work well done. Just a bit of polishing and you'll have something to be proud of. Please think long and hard about that font and the colour combination; as it stands it gives me eye strain.

  cycoze 22:41 19 Jul 2010

For the video, try Video LightBox click here , it is free for non commercial use, I tried it out and found it very easy to use, I did buy the commercial licence after trying it out.

You will still have to host the video somewhere, I use youtube and metcafe and also on private server, the good thing about the program is you can pop small thumbnails of the video on your site rather than taking set sizes from other sites.

  mysteriesofwales 03:05 23 Jul 2010

Well, There is certainly quite a bit to take on board, and I thank you all for taking time out to review it for me, I will certainly get down to making the changes suggested, and regarding the why not youtube for video,I did try that route, and found it either led my visitors away via other vid links or was full of advertising, plus it would be nice to learn how to actualy do it myself.
Once again thanks everyone.

  cycoze 15:49 26 Jul 2010

The software I suggested is used to put a thumb on your web page and when clicked will stream the video on to the page, visitors to your site are not taken away from it, the video is just hosted elsewhere.

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