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  tony tony tone 03:29 15 Feb 2003

every time i type an http address into the pc i get // before the address is this normal? sometimes it redirects you to porn sites which im really not happy about as there are young children in the house...please help

  « Ravin » 04:25 15 Feb 2003

this happens when you have autocomplete enabled in internet explorer. to clear the list of sites you've visited. go to the tools menu and click on internet options and click on "clear history" and "delete files" .

to disable autocomplete go to the content tab and click the autocomplete button and uncheck "web addresses" and click ok. next under the advanced tab uncheck "use inline autocomplete"

  tony tony tone 14:43 15 Feb 2003

thanks << Ravin >> have disabled autocomplete and will see if it happens again...thanks again

  tbh72 14:56 15 Feb 2003

Many of these website are very aggressive at changing your PC configuration to ensure you alway's end up at their websites. If you continue to have problems post back and im sure we'll be able to offer advice to remove the little addins and changes they might have made to your PC.

  tony tony tone 02:04 16 Feb 2003

thanks for the reply porn nightmare this problem is a real pain,ive virus scanned the pc with norton & an online scan both have come back clear so im stuck as to what to do any advise would be greatly received....tony

  AndySD 02:17 16 Feb 2003

click here - Hijacker prefixes the URL to Web sites you visit (even when you type the address in manually), allowing the site to monitor visited URLs and/or redirect the requests, add popups, etc. Adult sites may be substituted for the requested site. click here adaware or click here spybot
will remove this hijacker.

  tbh72 04:17 16 Feb 2003

Crikey Nurse..... Look at the time. I am running late tonight, right a quick insight into your dilema.

Click your start button, go up to programs and across to the startup menu item. When you open this up you will hopefully find something new in there, eg Dialer.exe, DesktopGirls or something along those lines. Right click on this new addition, & select properties. Grab yourself a pen & paper and scribble down the location. Eg c:\Dialer\Dialer.exe

Once you've got the locational information right click it again & delete it.

You should now be back to your desktop. right click "My Computer" and select "Explore" from the pop up menu. In the left hand frame of windows explorer click on the + in a box next to mycomputer or the "C" drive if it's visible, when you have located the folder c:\dialer right click it and delete it.

In a perfect world your worries would now be over, but oh no, these idiot's would have made one or two system changes that will cause an error everytime you boot your machine.

Before we go onto the next step, it's best to double check the system changes by rebooting your PC. if it reboots without trouble and you can surf the NET without being redirected then you have solved the problem.

But I feel your machine will probably display an error message when it boot's along the lines of.

"A file "Dialer.exe" cannot be found..... Or something like that....

If that happen's post back for information about cleaning your registry. I will probably e-mail you the info so you can print it out & follow it step by step & with caution as it's not advised to alter the registry at any time.

  tony tony tone 18:08 16 Feb 2003

thanks andysd and tbh72 ive now removed offending
problem and seem to be trouble free thanks again....tony

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