site rating pls ( 1st & 2nd site ) be kind

  [email protected] 16:21 03 Jun 2006

hi guys, would you rate my sites for me pls
This is my first baby

click here

this is a sub-domain,for a friend

click here

please dont be TOO harsh,these are my first atempt at web design, all the art work is mine too...( not the gif.s )

please be KIND !!
thanks guys

  Forum Editor 16:23 03 Jun 2006

and I'll move it across there now.

  Forum Editor 16:26 03 Jun 2006

that make me exit a site as rapidly as possible:-

1. Background music, with no option to stop it.

2. Mouse trails.

and I think there are many people like me.

  ade.h 18:00 03 Jun 2006

I find that we have to mention this so often, but your spelling, punctuation, grammar and syntax are all below par. For example "Once your Logo is designed we can return to you the finished art work to you", "Competative" does not have an A in it and all your links have apostrophes in pluralised words. There are many other errors that are too numerous to list here. When publishing your work, particularly when you are advertising a product, getting such things right is very important.

Your Mole-Inc logo is quite good, actually, but does it have to be that large? Should it not be incorporated into a banner?

Animated gifs are generally not a good idea; tacky and distracting.

At the time of writing, there is nothing on your second link, so I cannot comment on that.

  [email protected] 00:41 04 Jun 2006

ok. thanks guts i have been working on it today, i've incorpoated play functions on all mole-inc pages - but the cursor's staying, i will attack the grammar tomorow , as for effrontery - i am an a level qualified printer and i can vouch that many of them, ******* printers in paticular, dont give a monkeys what standard of Q.A they print to - so i would advise - you take the proof with you and monitor the press run - sorry to be rambuntious, ill hit the grammar tomorrow as i said and post back
thanks all for your constructive criticism

  [email protected] 17:21 05 Jun 2006

Dear F.E, ive been through the grammar, i think its better now, also play buttons on the audio - re-rate pls

ps. front page of PCA web site,Latest issue link

click here

Cosmetic editing - Here you can fi nd out the best ways to store,

i am not alone

  ade.h 20:36 05 Jun 2006

You seem to have left uncorrected all your (many) errant apostrophes. This sort of thing really looks unprofessional, to say the least.

  [email protected] 03:05 06 Jun 2006

fair shout guys.

  Forum Editor 19:14 06 Jun 2006

than almost anything else. Almost every day I pass a large furniture warehouse that has a huge (and no doubt expensive) sign outside. It says, amongst other things, that they sell "Leather sofa's".

Each time I see it, I want to pull in and ask someone if they realise how irritating their error is.

When deciding about apostrophes use this as a guide:-

If you are describing multiple objects do not use any apostrophes - "I have one sofa, my brother has two sofas"

If you are describing something that belongs to a person or to an object, use an apostrophe like this: "I borrowed Martin's computer" or "I washed my car's wheels"

If you are describing something that belongs to more than one person or thing use an apostrophe like this: "I belong to the bus drivers' union" or "I saw all the soldiers' guns glinting in the sunlight"

With regard to the dreaded its and it's, just remember that "it's" is an abbreviation of "it is", so use it wherever you might use "it is"

"It's a wonderful forum, isn't it?" In that sentence, "isn't it" is actually an abbreviated form of saying "is not it" - which would seem clumsy, hence the abbreviated form. Otherwise, use "its" in sentences such as: "I opened my computer and removed its hard drive." No apostrophe there at all.

We do it with "doesn't" as well; that's an abbreviated form of "does not it". Then we have "aren't" which is an abbreviation of "are not" and there's "haven't" (have not) and "can't" (can not) and there's (there is) etc.

I hope that helps. It gets easier with practice, and with reading other peoples' well-written text.

  PurplePenny 20:48 06 Jun 2006 "till" which many people mistakenly assume is an abbreviation of until and therefore incorrectly write as " 'til". In fact it is a word in its own right and not an abbreviation.

Here's another... children's. Apparently even the BBC have been known to write it with the apostrophe after the "s".

(With apologies to Mole-Inc for going off at a tangent.)

  ade.h 20:57 06 Jun 2006

The FE, Penny and myself seem to share a pet hate!

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