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  louandel 11:47 15 Aug 2006

I have realised when constructing a site that I need to check how it looks in other browsers. i built click here on IE so i have downloaded firefox and Netscape. I found at first that I had to download Flash for the buttons to be seen. I did this. The problem is it has changed the organization of the table There are three rows in the table, and in the third row the cell has been moved down by about 400 px.
Why has it done this? Is there a way I can correct it?

thanx for your time


  ade.h 15:35 15 Aug 2006

Welcome to the standards work that we all have to do.

There are various effects that can appear in tables. For example, F'fox adds its own row height padding (as I have found) and does not like non-breaking spaces in rows at all.

However, when I viewed your site, I saw primarily columns - if you have rows at all, they must be split across the columns, as nothing suggests row alignment. It is your last column (fourth I would guess, without looking through the code) that is suffering.

You should start by looking at object positioning - top, left, etc. - and work from there.

  Eric10 15:40 15 Aug 2006

Find this code near the bottom of the page:

" <td width="160" height="891" align="left" valign="top" bordercolor="#000000" bgcolor="#CC3300">
<table width="186" border="3" align="center" cellspacing="2">
<td width="176" align="center" bordercolor="#000000" bgcolor="#FFFF00">This Months Feature.... </td>
<p><span class="style21">Is My Cat a Dog ??!</span></p> "

If you remove the </tr><tr> tags that are just above it then it puts the layout right in IE, Firefox and Opera. It is a very complicated page with lots of tables inside tables so there may be other errors to find if you run the page through an html validator but this should clear your immediate problem.

  louandel 16:41 15 Aug 2006

thanx guys for this. I shall give it a whirl.


  louandel 21:06 15 Aug 2006

thanx for your advice. hypertext validating worked and removing the row tags.
Out of interest can someone tell me what "Apply source formatting" means. I did this under Dreamweavers clean HTML box and it seemed to work. Just dont know what I've done!


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