SiS Onboard 3D Graphics

  Badcop999 15:24 02 Jan 2003
  Badcop999 15:24 02 Jan 2003

Can anyone help?

I have a micro ATX motherboard, with an onboard SiS 630/730 AGP display adapter.

I am running XP professional and for some reason it will not load the 3D settings, drivers etc, therefore I am unable to play any games that require a 3D card.

I have run the compatibility mode within XP and this did not resolved the problem. Can anyone help.

If it is of any use the Setup program for the AGP card runs quite happily saying all components etc have loaded succesfully.


  rickf 15:28 02 Jan 2003

You said its on board. It seems that you also have a card installed? If so you have to disable on board graphics in the bios.

  Badcop999 15:31 02 Jan 2003

No, done all that. Removed the PCI card and all associated drivers, still doesn't want to know.

  rickf 15:57 02 Jan 2003

AGP cards are a bugger to seat properly sometimes. Try again and make sure its seated fully.

  Badcop999 16:11 02 Jan 2003


If I have not made myself clear. I am having problems with the onboard graphics card not a AGP card proper. I have no separate cards installed that's why I'm trying to sort the built in card.

  crimbo 16:47 02 Jan 2003

The only help I can be is to say that I have the same graphics chipset on my laptop, which is running XP home, and i have no problems with the graphics, shoot me if i'm stating the obvious, but are you using the XP specific driver, and have you checked under device manager to ensure that no other graphics card/ driver is listed?

  Wak 19:09 02 Jan 2003

Hi Badcop999, I have a micro ATX M/B and the same SIS graphic adapter as you and had a similar problem some time ago in that the 3D part just wouldn't materialise.
When clicking on the icon in the system tray, the part which should have produced the 3D effect remained greyed out.
This was eventually solved by reinstalling from the SIS system CD over the top of the original installation. This resulted in having two programs listed in the add/remove progs section of the control panel which was sorted out later.
I cannot remember precisely which item I installed from the CD but I will try and find out if you don't have any luck yourself shortly

  Badcop999 19:21 02 Jan 2003


Thanks for that, if you can remember I would be gratefully as I have re-installed the CD but still hasn't worked, but will keep trying.

  Badcop999 19:23 02 Jan 2003


Sorry one more thing, I haven't even got the 3D bit on the SIS tray so am completely bu****ed.

  platty100 19:27 02 Jan 2003


you could try here, and download and instal the latest driver for your card
click here

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