SiS on-board graphics

  [DELETED] 21:54 20 Aug 2004

I know that generally on-board graphics do not measure up to a graphics card, but does anybody know how good or bad SiS on-board graphics are? Many mobos seem to be fitted with SiS graphics - can they handle games? How would the likes of Quake 3 Arena perform with SiS? Thanks all.

  [DELETED] 21:55 20 Aug 2004

it wouldn't sorry to be blunt :-D

  [DELETED] 21:59 20 Aug 2004

Sorry, jonnytub, I don't quite understand your response, but assume it isn't very encouraging! Can you be a bit more specific?

  [DELETED] 22:03 20 Aug 2004

Onboard garphics such as the sis you mention wouldn't come close to be able to run a game like quake 3 arena, that particular game wouldn't even run satisfactory with some mid range graphics card, i.e. detail not shrivvelled up into massive pixels, screen resolution not turned to minimum. Don't get me wrong i quite fancy onboard graphics for their cost saving nature but for games as you mention a graphics card is defintely required.

  [DELETED] 22:05 20 Aug 2004

let me rephrase, onboard graphics are absolutely fine for everyday use and older games, for the most recent one's you will almost certainly need to upgrade to a suitable graphics card. sorry if i wasn't clear before :-)

  [DELETED] 22:11 20 Aug 2004

for example click here*&p_li= lists the minimum system requirements to run quake 3 and for full "enjoyability" you'd would have to better these requirements.

  [DELETED] 11:23 21 Aug 2004

That's great advice - thankyou for your help. I have orderd a new box and just wondered if I would get away with the on-board graphics. I see that I will not so will look to buy a decent card.

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