Sirexonline - fraudsters?

  GrahamP 22:18 21 Jul 2004

I ordered a 2.5" to 3.5" IDE converter from this company's online store just over a week ago and paid by Paypal. click here

It's maybe a bit early to cry thief but the signs are not good. They do not answer their phone, in fact it sound as if the number (a Manchester one) is redirected to foreign parts. They do not answer messages sent through the form on their site.

Have I been had?

Has anyone else dealt with them?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:41 21 Jul 2004

Print the web page (Next day delivery) and report them to Trading Standards click here

Pay by credit card next time then you can can your money back from the card company if things go wrong.

  GrahamP 22:49 21 Jul 2004

Thanks Fruit Bat.

I am still interested to see if anyone else has experience of this company.

  GrahamP 14:19 16 Nov 2004

I cannot possibly recommend this company. Unsurprisingly I still get spam from them.

You have been warned.

  g0slp 14:42 16 Nov 2004

I take it that you didn't get your goods then GrahamP?

Any joy from PayPal?

  Graham ® 15:09 16 Nov 2004

Their phone is being forwarded on no reply. You could wait for someone to answer, they will pay the cost of the forwarded section of the call.

  Graham ® 15:13 16 Nov 2004

Or then again, it may be an answerphone with overseas ringtone for a message!

  spuds 19:42 16 Nov 2004

Just completed a Google search and it shows two Sirexonline, one as a domain and the other as a .com here is a trading company in Manchester. The other Sirexonline click here just comes up as a blank screen

  GrahamP 20:50 17 Nov 2004

Thanks for your comments g0slp Graham ® & spuds.

No I never got the goods. Local trading standards wanted me to sign a form giving them complete access rights to all my communications for ever before they would investigate. I declined. Beaurocracy gone mad.

I did hang on the phone for about twenty minutes at one point (speakerphone) with no success.

It's the I dealt with.

I also chased up their digital certificate. It wasn't even in their name but that of another company, Dovesomething I think. I got no joy emailing them either.

For a grand total of less than a tenner I got fed-up chasing this one.

PayPal - I still use this but I had a bad experience with them two years ago. A US trader I had ordered something from vanished off the planet. At that point the only way to communicate with PayPal was via their webform which required you to duplicate information from your profile. This continually got rejected and I never got satisfaction from them either. There was no way of phoning or emailing them (I think the law demands that now). I tried to cancel my account and failed to do that as well because there was about 50p in it which was too small an amount for them to refund. You have to laugh. In the end I kept my PayPal account since it's handy for eBay. But I'm going to be very wary about dealing electronically with new traders. If I can't get them on the phone or hear some positive recommendations then I'll steer clear.

Might be useful if pcadvisor kept a register of scamsters.

Thanks again for your interest.

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