For single user-router or modem?

  hatrickj 10:49 29 Mar 2007

Currently I use a Belkin ADSL 500 modem for my BB connection and I am on my ISP's up to 8MB/s ADSLMax offering. I have a sinle computer and have no need of network facilities or wireless.

It has been suggested that a router might give me better performance than an old style modem. O should appreciate members' comments on that suggestion, such as, if the advantages are worthwhile, what the other pros and cons are. In fact overall would the change be money well spent, or should I stick with what I have now, or perhaps even get and up dated modem as another option.

  provider 2 10:53 29 Mar 2007

With a router you can connect to the net using AOL`s connection but avoiding their software. This has to be a major advantage!

  Stuartli 12:21 29 Mar 2007

I don't require a wireless setup, so replaced a Sagem [email protected] 800 modem with e-Buyer's own rebadged Safecom model, the Guru Two Port Combo modem router. See:

click here

Now down to £15 against the £23 I paid last year, it's capable of up to ADSLMax2+ (24MB) and has never missed a beat over the past six or seven months, even though it's permanently switched on.

  woodchip 12:24 29 Mar 2007

you do not need a router, and it will not work any better

  hatrickj 13:01 29 Mar 2007

BTW I think the theory by the suggester for chanfe was that as the router was self pwered it did not affect the computer's abilties in a ny way. I could not see it making that much difference to either computer or BB performance TBH, so we have woodschip and stuarti saying oppsing things.

Woodschip are you just meaning need and that there will be no noticeable improvement? Stuarti are you able to give quantifiable evidence of the improvement, and why the mention of AOL connection?

  Dipso 13:35 29 Mar 2007

Is the modem compatible with 8 Meg broadband...some USB modems are restricted with the the speeds they can handle.

I'm not familiar with this model and can't find much about it but I think this would be the deciding factor. When up to 8 Meg came out many of the USB modems became obsolete as they couldn't deal with the extra bandwidth.

As an ex-USB modem user I would say go for the router. They are easier to set up and as they connect to the ethernet port of your PC require no drivers. I'm on my 3rd router now and have found that the performance can vary from router to router. it's down to how the router interprets your line. Ths wasn't as important with the fixed 1 or 2 Meg products but is more relevant with up to 8 Meg were you want the best connection your line can manage.

  anskyber 13:39 29 Mar 2007

I do not read it as Stuartli and Woodchip saying opposite things. Stuartli is saying hid router is excellent vaue for money and has been reliable. Woodchip is saying you will not see a performance improvement for your BB with a router.

I agree with both of them and I would stick with what you have got if you are happy with it. Should you decide to get Vista at some time in the future then getting a router would be a good idea since many older modems do not have drivers to work with Vista. Routers with ethernet connections (assuming your PC also has one) do not require specific Vista drivers to connect.

  Stuartli 13:56 29 Mar 2007

>>Stuarti are you able to give quantifiable evidence of the improvement, and why the mention of AOL connection?>>

I've never mentioned AOL.

The modem router I've suggested is even cheaper than a USB modem yet is capable of up to ADSLMax2+, which will futureproof its use for some considerable time to come.

Most USB modems are able to be used up to 8MB and that's it, whilst you also have the drivers hassle as Dipso points out.

The Speedtouch 330, for instance, has an "up to 8MB" patch, yet not many people seem to be aware of it.

  Stuartli 13:57 29 Mar 2007

>>Stuarti are you able to give quantifiable evidence of the improvement, >>

Never mentioned this point either...:-)

  hatrickj 17:04 29 Mar 2007

Apologies, I was dealing with another problem and got muddled the questions should have been for provider 2

I'll retreat to corner with red face now!

  provider 2 17:07 29 Mar 2007

I`m to blame for the reference to AOL. I mentioned it because this has been one of the bad days; four serious slow-downs and three complete loss of connection incidents.

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