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Single PC has faulty/unreliable connection

  Felix11348 15:56 20 May 2020

My pc has an inctedibly unreliable connection. This started after an update many months ago. My connection is usually fine, fast even, but it seemingly randomly slows to a crawl and disconnects with no apparent cause. There are days wheres its mostly fine with a few hiccups, and days where it lasts a few seconds before dying. I can usually temporarily fix this by disconnecting and reconnecting or resetting the network via diagnostics. It usually tells me that the default gateway is not available. Sometimes it doesnt work at all and i have to just wait.

I've tried everything I could think of and find online. I have a laptop the connects fine from my room, so I know its a problem with the pc itself. I've cleaned it out, updated the drivers, replaced the wireless adapter and more but it just keeps coming. If its not the wifi adapter what could it be??

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:03 20 May 2020

This started after an update many months ago.

which suggests drivers as windows often replaces drivers with generic ones

updated the drivers,

Where did you get the new drivers? if you let windows search for them you just get the generic ones, best to download the correct drivers from the manufacturer'e site.

  Felix11348 18:27 20 May 2020

I'm not sure about that, because when I replaced my network card it also replaced the driver with it's own that I downloaded via CD. Is there another driver besides the main I should replace, like the WAN miniports?

  wee eddie 19:54 20 May 2020

Just one thought: The Driver on the CD will be the one put there when it was made

  Felix11348 20:01 20 May 2020

The point is, this isn't the same driver that was there when the issue started. The network adapter and driver are both completely different now.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:52 20 May 2020

TP link Archer T6? T9?

  wee eddie 20:52 20 May 2020

And you got your drivers through the Manufacturers Site and not from some Driver Hunter program?

  Felix11348 22:42 20 May 2020

I got a new wireless adapter. The driver is from the CD that came with it so yeah, it's the manufacturer's

  Felix11348 00:07 21 May 2020

And yeah, Fruit. It's TP link.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:36 21 May 2020

You need to know the exact model of the wireless card use something like Belarc advisor (free) to get the details.

Then we can find the latest driver for it.

  Felix11348 12:54 21 May 2020

Is there an alternative to this? Belarc just freezes at 90% when profiling my computer.

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