single hdd to raid or ssd

  AL47 19:20 28 Jan 2010

whats the better option?

Atm I have 1 hard drive which my computer boots from but I'd like it faster.

which is better?
Going to 2 mechanical hard drives in raid
going to one ssd for boot and programs and another mechanical for data?

if I do go from 1 hdd to raid.. Do I have to reformat?

  MAT ALAN 20:10 28 Jan 2010

your chosen options may NOT speed up your PC...

It could much depend on other factors, namely how much memory you have, speed of processor that sorta thing..

  AL47 20:30 28 Jan 2010

I7 920
6gb ram etc

My comp scores 7.9 except for hdd that scores 5.6 in w7

  MAT ALAN 20:54 28 Jan 2010

SSD is considered a lot faster than a RAID config. BUT it will depend on what you are prepared to pay SSD are not cheap...

  GaT7 21:00 28 Jan 2010

"My comp scores 7.9 except for hdd that scores 5.6 in w7"

So you don't mind spending a small fortune just to increase the latter?

Isn't your PC quick enough already with that kind of spec? And you have a very good graphics card too - IIRC from another thread. G

  AL47 21:26 28 Jan 2010

if its a lot more i wont bother.

Is raid worth it then? Or is that just asking for trouble and a reinstall?

  MAT ALAN 21:40 28 Jan 2010

click here

rough idea of how much...

click here

This explains the different RAID arrays you can have..

click here

guide to installing RAID there is also info available about installing RAID without a floppy

  User-312386 10:43 29 Jan 2010

I would go for the SSD. You can get the 64gb model from novatech click here for £115. It has to be better than raid which in my opinion is somewhat flaky on a general use PC

  MAT ALAN 16:10 29 Jan 2010

Have to say with 6gigs of memory and a decent processor if your PC isn't fast enough there is something fundamentally wrong...
Optomising your PC can make it perform faster for NOTHING...

  GaT7 16:17 29 Jan 2010

MAT ALAN, it's fast enough alright (I think he even has a high-end graphics card), but he wants to improve the HDD because its score in Windows Performance Index is showing up as only 5.6, while the PC scores 7.9 overall. Hence my post of Thu, 28/01/[email protected]:00.

I don't think there's anything fundamentally wrong with the PC, but I'm not too sure about its owner ;-). G

  MAT ALAN 16:30 29 Jan 2010

I fear for people who use these benchmark progs, just because it says a particular component is under par alarm bells seem to ring and the OH OH!!
theroy kicks in, GOTTA GET another which in the long run may be a waste of money...

These coments are not directed straight at you AL47 its just my view on this type of thing, and of course if any of the input has helped you make a decision, just don't want you to spend money when maybe you don't really have to...

madboy33©® link still might give you the answer you are looking for...

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