single DHCP table from two routers?

  Utterchaos 15:40 10 Jul 2014

Hi All,

hopping someone can help me out....

I have a home hub connecting 90% of my devices either direct or wirelessly... all good.

I also have a TP-Link 3600 router connected by ethernet which gives me an other WiFi network (different SSID) to other parts of the flat. This is connected via a Airport Extreme in Bridge Mode... this work fine too

Problem is... Now I have an IP cam connected to the TP-Link. I can see it if I'm connected to the TP-Link too but not if I'm connected to the Home Hub or the Airport.

Any idea how I can connect to the cam from anywhere? Maybe use the TP-Link as a bridge to it shares the DHCP table? (If that even makes sense!!)

I can show a pic I have made to explain further.... click here all :)



  Jollyjohn 12:44 11 Jul 2014

Slightly confused by layout / description. What is the purpose of the Airport extreme? The description says BT Hub is Ethernet connected to TP Link but diagram shows Airport Extreme in between.

I notice the TP Link address is -the third octet needs to be the same - 192.168.1.xx Turn off DHCP on TP Link - see what ip it gets from BT Hub - then fix it and fix camera ip 192.168.1.xx

Hope this helps.

  Utterchaos 13:37 11 Jul 2014

Hi Jolly John .. the airport is now just to give me better WiFi coverage. Used to be a time machine too but no longer...

The DHCP to OFF did the trick, of and not using the WAN port but another LAN port instead.

Thanks loads...


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