Single 16GB ram Module recommendations.

  PhillyG76 04:36 03 Mar 2019

Hi all, I’m just after people’s opinions on single 16GB ram modules. I have an Asus Z370-G motherboard, with an Intel i5 9600K CPU, and originally fitted a Corsair Vengeance LPX 8Gb 2400 MHZ ram module, but soon realised that 8GB wasn’t enough. But decided rather than just keep adding 8GB sticks, I’d buy just one 16GB module, and then in the future add a second, and I could either fill all four ram sockets with 16GB modules to give the maximum 64GB. I know pretty much everyone will say 32GB is overkill, but I’m hoping that I have a little more flexibility as I could just add a second 16GB module for 32GB, and the remaining two slots I could add two 8GB modules for 48GB, and if in the future I need more memory swap them one by one for 16GB modules. So am I right in thinking, as long as the speed and latency are the same, mixing different capacity sizes won’t be a problem? The 8GB module was 2400MHZ, but the 16GB is 3,000MHZ so I have now removed that as I read that, it would mean the 16GB stick would run at the slower 2400MHZ to match the 8GB speed. I did power the pc up with both fitted and windows powered up on, but Forza Horizon 4 would often crash if I tried setting the Ram speed to around 2800MHZ. So basically is my best bet to just sell the 8GB ram module rather than trying to overclock one quite a lot and/or under clock the 16GB module? Sorry I’ve made this one question seem longer than necessary but it’s the early hours and I need to post this concern now before I forget what I need to find out � But thanks in advance for any helpful advice and only generous light hearted [email protected] taking!

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