The Sims - Unleashed. It's happened again!

  jediknight007 20:17 18 Jan 2003
  jediknight007 20:17 18 Jan 2003

Hi everyone. I was jusy playing The Sims a few minutes ago and while I was trying to exit, one of those blue screens came up while it was saving. I have Windows XP Professional by the way. After that, I had to reboot the PC and I was greeted with the disc check while booting up. I then went back into The Sims once Windows had loaded and found that my house was missing! The lot was empty and so was I, my lovely wife and 2 dogs (in the game of course!). This has already happened once before and I was so annoyed because I had spent days getting all my stats up and getting the best jobs and stuff. Has this ever happened to anyone else? Will a patch fix this problem?

  rmn 20:35 18 Jan 2003

probably go to the E.A. site and see if there is an xp patch i had a simmillar problem with xp and rollercoaster tycoon.darren

  jediknight007 00:22 19 Jan 2003

Can I have some more help please...?

  geekygirl 00:41 19 Jan 2003

I had similar problems with the sims, the problem was that the pc i was playing it on, required updating, e.g. memory, and the HDD was also too small

  jediknight007 20:48 25 Jan 2003

Hi everyone, I have just found out that when this problem happens, the next time I started the game, as well as my family missing from the neighbourhood and my house is missing from the lot, I cannot click on the lot at all, like there is some invisible house there protected by a boundary. If this problem keeps happening, then I could run out of lots. I know that there are 7 other neighberhoods I can choose from but this is my favourite. Could a reinstallation of my last add-on pack (Unleashed) solve the problem? Thanks in advance.

  hugh-265156 00:36 26 Jan 2003


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