Sims 2 PC CDROM Game & Nero Compatiblity ?

  Giggle n' Bits 21:08 13 Apr 2005

I am thinking of buying this game but a friend mentioned they had problems and know of problems running this Sims 2 CDROM Game on XP with SP2 and especially using Nero as the CD Wrtr software.

Can anyone tell me which if any version of Nero has been updated to fix the known bug so Sims 2 will work. Something to do with Virtual Drive ?

Kids giving me grief.

  BBez 22:13 13 Apr 2005

Sims 2 Blocked by CD Copying / Emulation Software. You gotta love EA! The company says The Sims 2 will refuse to run if you have Nero, CloneCD or Roxio's EasyCD installed on the same PC.

They offer a patch to bypass this (how gracious of them), but that really doesn't help their rep any...

If you have clone cd you need to untick the Hide CDR media and it should work.

If you have nero 6 and have installed the image drive which is a virtual drive you need to disable that. You will know if you have the virtual drive as there will be other letters besides the removable drives you have.

Nero 6 will not automatically install the image drive you need to do this manually.

If you want to disable it you can do so by
Go to ´Start --> All Programs --> Nero --> Nero 6 --> Nero ImageDrive´ and when the Nero ImageDrive utility launches select 'Disable Nero ImageDrive' from the bottom left of the window.

  Giggle n' Bits 00:46 14 Apr 2005

I found you copy & paste from another forum. Thing is have you actually come accros the problem yourself or heard of it like you have found in forum x ? Does the virtual drive fix really work ?

Tried looking on Ahead nero site but no mention there.

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