Simpsons Hit and Run PC game freezes

  Nessie 21:16 28 Sep 2004

I have an Windows ME system with 256mb, 40GB HD Radeon 7200 Card,Direct X 9.0b.

Same or better than recommended requirements. It keeps freezing. Also have monopoly that has really low requirements and that freezes. Have updated to latest(25/7/04)drivers for radeon graphics card. Have also emptied recycle bin, shut down all programs running in the back ground and emptied temp file. Any help would be great.

  Dan the Confused 21:51 28 Sep 2004

Has the problem just started happening out of the blue, or since you updated the graphics driver? Have you checked that your system is clear of spyware and viruses? Does your system work ok in all other respects?

  Nessie 21:58 28 Sep 2004

This is the first time I have used a higher spec game. I have not checked virus and spyware as system is not the internet.

  Dan the Confused 22:06 28 Sep 2004

Little confused (hence my name), you said it freezes on Monopoly as well which is a low spec game. Also, malware infections can come from CDs and floppys too. I assume this is how you updated the graphics driver.

  Nessie 23:02 28 Sep 2004

True. Downloaded on my pc then transfered onto cd and then my sons pc

  Dan the Confused 23:09 28 Sep 2004

Download eScan click here and run it on your and your son's PC. Even if it doesn't fix the problem it's well worth doing as a precaution.

  gudgulf 23:10 28 Sep 2004

It might be a good idea to open the computers case and check for a build up of dust and fluff inside as the freeze ups you describe might be caused by overheating.

  Nessie 23:13 28 Sep 2004

Ok I will give your suggestions a go and let you Know. Thanks

  Nessie 23:25 28 Sep 2004

Just checked and the card is agp 2.0. On the ATI graphics control panel has the setting as non. would this make a difference.

  Dan the Confused 23:45 28 Sep 2004

Never used an ATI card but I had a prob with my Nvidia card a little while ago. It showed as PCIx0 rather than the correct AGPx2. This was solved by installing the latest AGP driver for my motherboard (although I think the original would have worked too). Have you looked at the MB manufacturers site? (Or MB chip set site.) Might be worth reinstalling the MB drivers.

  Nessie 00:02 29 Sep 2004

Well thanks again will that a go as well. Got ati controller to say 2.0 agp but made no difference still freezing. Cheers nessie

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