Simpson Game still freezing

  Nessie 09:13 07 Oct 2004

I Have posted on this subject here
I have know bought another graphics card click here?
I am having the same problem. I was told by Simpsons Hit and Run Support that the reason I was getting problems was because my old card did not have TnL hence the new card.

Have noticed that when I bring the PC downstairs to fix it the freezing does not happen or not as often.

I wondered if it had something to do with static. If upstairs wasn't earthed properly would that lead to a build up of static and the failure of the card. I dont normally bring down the speakers when I fix it so could that be a cause. This is doing my head in. Playstation 2 here we come. Thanks for your help Nessie

  Nessie 09:16 07 Oct 2004

click here A180B T sorry graphics card is this one

  JonnyTub 09:16 07 Oct 2004

Sound cards are notorious for freezing games, have you got onboard or seperate pci?

  Nessie 09:17 07 Oct 2004

Leadtek Winfast A180b New Mx4000 AGP 128MB With TV-out Retail box

  Nessie 09:18 07 Oct 2004

onboard. Duron 1400, 256MB DIMM, SYNTAX sv266A, Self build

  JonnyTub 09:19 07 Oct 2004

have you run dxdiag?

  Nessie 09:19 07 Oct 2004

Thanks, have to go to work but will check back at 4.00pm

  JonnyTub 09:24 07 Oct 2004

Sorry, i see from reading your previous thread that you've already tried my suggestions.

One last thing might be to try and disable sound altogether in the bios, temporarily to see if it is the problem.

  Nessie 15:52 07 Oct 2004

will give it a go

  Nessie 23:08 08 Oct 2004

Not sound. Could it be OS . Should work with ME but could try XP.

  Nessie 21:58 10 Oct 2004

Going bald now. Changed the graphics card, changed the ram, changed the os to xp though I did not re format, have set the desktop and game to lowest possible resolution and all above. should I chuck it in the bin

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