Simply connect 2 PC's back/back

  [email protected] 14:40 28 Jan 2007

I have 2 PC's XP Home. Both have LAN ports and I have a crossover cable. All I want to do is transfer some files from one PC to the other! Everything I read is connected with (no pun intended ;-), networking with internet - sharing internet connection - sharing networks etc). Even the Wizard at the 2nd or 3rd stage asks How do you connect to the Internet!!
OK, forget all about Internet, how do I do it please? Thanks.

  The Brigadier 15:01 28 Jan 2007

Use a cross-over cable to connect to both pc's RJ45 port's.

  [email protected] 15:07 28 Jan 2007

Thanks The Brigadier. I have just read conflicting terms: 1] A patch cable is not a crossover cable, and 2] A cat 5E patch cable equates to a crossover cable. (I have the latter). Assuming I have/will have the correct cable and I connect the 2 PC's how you say (and how I thought), what can I expect to happed then? Is it as simple as browsing from one PC to the other and copy/pasting? More I have read more confused I have become ;-)

  The Brigadier 16:12 28 Jan 2007

You should be able to connect using the network setup wizard in control panel.

  dms05 16:30 28 Jan 2007

You need a Crossover LAN RJ45 Cable. Connect the computers together and run the Network Wizard. A Patch cable has all eight wires connect to the same pins either end, a Crossover cable swaps the pin connections on some pins. Only 4 pins are used even though 8 are connected.

  [email protected] 18:14 28 Jan 2007

OK. Thanks for that. Guess I will visit my local PC shop and buy a definite Crossover labelled cable. Thanks again.

  [email protected] 13:46 29 Jan 2007

Can someone please tell me how 1 PC sees another when they are just back to back? Assuming they are connected correctly and all the superfluous questions about internet are answered in some way or other, and the network is formed, just how do you get a file from one to the other? Apologies if this sounds a bit dumb but when an additional storage is added you can see it and move files to and from it. What I don't understand is where do you go on PC1 to see PC2. Does it show up somewhere as PC Bernard or Susan or whatever you called it?

  PalaeoBill 17:03 29 Jan 2007


Each PC has a 'computer name', you can find it under:
Start>Settigs>Control Panel>System>Computer Name>
along side the label 'Full Computer Name'

Each drive that you have shared will have a shared drive name that you gave it, or it may simply have a drive letter 'C', 'D' etc.

Going to 'My Network Places' should show a list of the other PC's on your network and their shared drives.

To do this manually and assign drive letters for the other PC's drives on the current PC:
My Documents>Tools>Map Network Drive>
the next available drive letter will be given.
Below that type in the computer name in the form
\\computer name\shared drive name
that you want to connect to.

If sharing is on and the drive is not explicitly shared, you can use the dollar ($) postfix.

E.g. to map to the C drive of a PC named fred

  [email protected] 18:32 29 Jan 2007

Hi PalaeoBill: Thanks for your post as it's what I was after. I have yet to find anything like your advice - something I suppose you are are already expected to know when you start learning ;-) I tried to press two redundant wifi cards into operation and tried all day to get them to connect to no avail. Popped into town an hour ago and came back with a dedicated Crossover cable. Just booted up both PC's and in the twink of an eye both were connected by wifi!!! Of course, this was after I had opened the cable package which now cannot be returned! Some strange Law of Life I suppose LOL. So I now have two PC's linked wirelessly and as a standby I have the crossover cable - now to learn about mapping and hopefully getting files from one to the other. Once the drives are shared, do you find the other PC in the (Send To) menu of a right click, or do you drag/drop or whatever? I really appreciate any advice here as this is completely new to me, and thanks again ;-)

  [email protected] 18:50 29 Jan 2007

I think I have resolved it! A new folder[s] has appeared in My Network Places. If I put a file in one of these folders, I should be able to see the same file in the relative folder on the other PC! I have the other PC powered down at the moment as the wifi link is open and unsecured and while I am on the net with this one I dont want to take any risks.

  PalaeoBill 20:07 29 Jan 2007

My apologies for not responding. I have a somewhat lengthy commute home, I should have warned you.
Glad it all working.

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