simplest way to transfare data PC & Laptop

  mark e 16:49 12 Sep 2003

can anyone advise me of the best way to do this with very large files ie: over 900Mb


  graham√ 16:58 12 Sep 2003

Re-writable CD springs to mind.

  sdf 17:02 12 Sep 2003

either of the computers got NIC cards?

  mark e 17:02 12 Sep 2003

Thanks graham√
But would that not involve splitting files (out of my league)

Any other Ideas please

  mark e 17:03 12 Sep 2003

Whats an NIC card


  Smiler 17:06 12 Sep 2003

What files are so big?

You could zip the files then put them on a cdRW as graham?√ states

  mark e 17:10 12 Sep 2003

I have lots of old cine film and home video files that are taking up 50 of my 60GB drive.

  JMG 17:14 12 Sep 2003

NIC (Network Interface Card) or just a network card. To back up data between a PC and for example another PC or Laptop. They are very cheap (about a tenner), easy to install, and will allow you to transfer data from one PC to another, in effect you would use tyhe second PCs Hard Disk as a backup device. Both PCs require a card and a crossover cable to link them. Other solutions could be a DVD RW (many modern drives now support all the formats available and will also do CDRW) the data which can be stored is way in excess of the 900MB files you specify.

Also, tape drives, separate Hard drives (LaCie do a good range), the list is endless. Or you can compress the data and stuff it on a humble CDRW, XP has compression tools but Winzip will also compress the data providing that it is not already a precompressed format.

Hope this helps.

  sdf 17:16 12 Sep 2003

ouch - thats quite a bit of transfering. Either of them have Network cards? if so just plug a lead between them and transfer at 100mbps. Regarding Zipping in my experience I would stear clear of compressing multimedia stuff like that. has a habit of corrupting the files and the amount of time taken to zip the files vs the amount of compression I would just (if you can) transfer the files the way I sugested

  mark e 17:20 12 Sep 2003

Many Thanks all its time to free the moths once again and go shopping


  sdf 17:23 12 Sep 2003

take a look at this - its the one I use and cant fault it!! click here really hope this link works!

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