Simplest way to connect 2 pc's together??

  carheex 16:22 17 Jul 2005

Is it possible to connect 2 pc's together using serial and/or parallel cables, or would I need networking cables such as the 10base2/f type?


  Forum Editor 17:46 17 Jul 2005

a direct cable connection, for which you'll need a special cable. Usually these cables have both serial and parallel connectors at each end - be sure you use the same connector type on both computers.

In Windows XP go to Start/all programs/accessories/communications and click on the New connection icon. Then follow the prompts and select the option to connect your computer directly to another.

  Mollo 13:24 19 Jul 2005

You need to check that both PCs have Network interface cards installed. Then buy an RJ45 crossover cable (not expensive but check the length) and connect the two NICs.
When I bought my Belkin NIC it had a CD included which gave a step by step guide to "Creating a simple Network" (too long to send here).
Key point though make sure the PC with the internet connection is configured as the "Host".
That's done when you set the TCP/IP Properties.

  Forum Editor 18:54 19 Jul 2005

if this could be done via serial/parallel connectors, which is why I gave the answer above. Doing it that way you don't need Network Interface Cards, although Mollo's method is perfectly good if you have (or are prepared to install) the cards.

  carheex 22:22 19 Jul 2005

so it wouldn't work if the serial and/or parallel cables were standard? presumably it would have to be a null modem serial cable or "crossover" parallel cable?

if I were to use 10base2 or 10basef, could it be done without a hub/concentrator?

  Forum Editor 22:43 19 Jul 2005

with 'standard' serial or parallel cables, because they have different connectors at each end. You need a cable with the same connectors at each end, so you can connect the parallel or serial ports on each computer. In practice a parallel cable connection is faster than a serial connection.

You can also use the computers' USB ports to establish a connection, but again you'll need a special cable.
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