Simple Wireless Network

  kayr 15:27 07 Feb 2005

Hello all out there can you help. I have been told that if I have a wireless card in both my computers they will automatically connect to each other and I will be able to share my broadband connection. At this simplest level of connection I would have to have the internet connected PC turned on all the time to allow the other PC to share the connection. This is no problem.

My two Medion PC both have 54g wireless cards installed their status shows not connected cannot see any way to turn them on.

Ops system Win Xp Home. I have used the set up wireless net wizard and saved the settings to Flash card as stated loading them to the other computer but nothing happens. Each computer is set up for iself but nothing else. When I search for a wireless network nothing is found. Any ideas?


  FelixTCat 16:32 07 Feb 2005

There are a number of things that you have to do to make this work.

First the wireless network. You are setting up a peer to-peer network, not an infrastructure network. You have to set both cards to peer-to-peer in their setup software and set them to the same wireless channel.

You also have to set both computers on the same workgroup. Right-click on My Computer and open the Computer Name tag. Each computer should have a different Full computer name, but should have the same Workgroup name. Change one or both as appropriate. Finally you must have a drive or folder set to be shared on each computer. Open My Computer abd right-click on a drive. Click on Sharing and Security and set up a shared drive. Alternatively, open a drive and share a directory as above. You should now see the shards in My Network Places on both computers.

To share the internet, it is easiest to run the Microsoft internet sharing wizard, as this does a lot of the work for you. Go to My Network Places and run the Network Setup Wizard. Follow the instructions.

  kayr 17:11 07 Feb 2005

Thanks Felix

I have set my cards up they are showing as connected, now what do I do?

How for example can I use the internet on the 2nd
pc. I have enabled ICSH on the host computer.

I thought that somehow you would have access to the screen view of the other pc like remote access.



  FelixTCat 19:01 07 Feb 2005

When you set up ICS on the host computer, did you also set it up on the other computer? You are asked whether you want to make a disk to use. How did you set it up?

Once ICS is set up, you access the internet from your second computer using Internet Explorer, Outlook Express etc exactly as if you were connected directly.

If you want access to files on each computer from the other, you have to specifically tell Windows that you wish to share files. You can do this as read-only or read-write.

If you want to see the screen of one computer from the other then you do need to set up Remote Assistance and/or Remote Desktop.

I would suggest one stage at a time. When you have internet access, we can move on to the next stage.

  kayr 20:07 07 Feb 2005

Hi again Felix,

I am a bit confused what steps I have taken now but I am sure that I set up ICS and then downloaded the settings to flash card, loaded it into the second computer left it for a few minutes. Nothing seemed to happen by the way. I then reinserted the card back into the host computer and pressed next as promised them was advised that my system was set.

It only showed one computer in the list however the one I was working on and accessing the internet through IE produced unable to find a connection.

  Dipso 21:25 07 Feb 2005

Good Luck with this. I have a Medion and have being trying to set up a wireless network with my laptop but although I have managed to connectand share my broadband connection, the connection drops after 30 secs to 1 min. I used this guide to help me set up. click here

  Dipso 21:28 07 Feb 2005

You don't have any firewalls on do you?

  kayr 10:11 08 Feb 2005

Hi Dipso,

I have disabled the windows firewall on both pc but have a third party internet security package Panda Platinum which includes firewall activated on the host computer. Panda is great by the way much better than Norton Internet Security which I have had loads of trouble with runing AOL as my ISP but thats another story! Aren't computers fun? I dusabled the firewall on the other pc which is another copy, paid for, of Panda.

My main need is to share my broadband connection with the other computer sharing printers would be a bonus.

As I have said the network is active and recognised on both computers but I cannot see anyway to connect each to each.


  FelixTCat 14:49 08 Feb 2005


Are you yet able to share the internet on both computers?

You say that the network is active and reconised. Can you see each computer in the other's My Network Places?

It may be that the firewall on your main computer is preventing access by your second computer. You have to open the firewall program and find the settings that refer to the network and tell it to allow access by your other computer. Typically there will be settings for allowed computers, friends, green zone or something like that. You have to set that. Usually your main computer has the IP address of and yor other computer You have to set the firewall to allow all communications to and from

You must also go into Control Panel - Internet Options - Connections and set Never dial a connection, since broadband is always on.

Once the internet sharing works, we can go on to file sharing, etc

  Dipso 21:35 08 Feb 2005

As FelixTCat says, it sounds likely that it is your firewall that is causing your problem. If you say you can see the network, I would try disabling the Panda firewall, you could use the Windows one to try and connect to the net until you sort things out and then see if that makes a difference.

How do you connect to your broadband? If by USB, go into your dial up connection, properties, advanced and make sure you have a tick in "Allow other Network users to connect using this computers internet connection"

I can get as far as seeing the network in View Wireless Networks but I can't see each machine in My Network places. The strange thing is in my PC's (Medion 8080XL) user guide it actually indicates you can't do what we are attempting without a router -

"A link to another computer can also be created without an access point. This will allow you to share files but you will need an access point and a router to share an internet connection."?

  FelixTCat 23:35 08 Feb 2005


I think Medion must be trying to sell routers! I have been sharing internet connections since Win 3.1 and when only dial-up was available. In those days you had to make sure that not only could you create a dial-up connection from the remote computer, but you had to be able to terminate it as well otherwise you ended up with an horrendous phone bill. In those days a router cost about the same as a small car!

The secret is to go step by step, making sure each works before going on to the next.

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