Simple web site program wanted

  golfpro 13:52 28 Oct 2003

I should imagine this has been asked before. I am thinking of setting up my own personal web site, nothing very complicated, but attractive to the viewer and expandable.
Are there any good programs I can download (pref free), that will take me through the basics and help me set up the site.
This is my first foray into type of thing.

  Taran 14:24 28 Oct 2003

NetObjects Fusion is one of the simplest programs to learn with.

You can download a trial of the latest version from the NetObjects website click here but it's a pretty big download so you might want to make sure you're on broadband, or get someone on broadband to get it for you if you are on dial up internet access.

Check out computer magazine cover disks as well. Many of them feature web editing software and though you'll be getting programs a year or two older than the most recent version, they will be free for the price of a magazine and are still capable of producing the goods.

There are products from Serif click here that are reasonably priced and other similar software is out ther if you hunt around.

If you're prepared to go 'code only' you can download AceHTML for free click here but compared to NetObjects Fusion it's a minefield and far more difficult to get to grips with.

Magazine cover disks are your best bet in the short term. I think Pesala, one of the regulars on this site uses an older version of NetObjects Fusion from a magazine cover disk and his site is not only vast in terms of just how much content he has on it for you and I to access, it looks the business as well.

His site is click here

  GroupFC 15:07 28 Oct 2003

I got an earlier version of Netobjects Fusion from the coverdisc of Personal Computer World magazine (I think it was the November issue) as advised by holligan in this thread click here

I am at present working through the tutorials (about 150 pages!!), as I want to understand what I'm doing and I'm not in any rush to get a website up and running. I must say it does look reasonably user friendly (famous last words!).

Another contributor here who I think uses NOF is whose site is click here

I am sure somebody will correct me if I'm wrong!

  Pesala 17:55 28 Oct 2003

I have version 4.0, also from a cover disk. It is from 1998, but is a powerful program. Another plus is the excellent help I have had from their Newsgroup. Not that people here are not helpful too, but the Newsgroup is dedicated to NOF.

It is just like using a DTP program so one doesn't need to write a line of HTML code to get started.

I also have Serif Page Plus 9.0 which has a web publishing mode. That uses a template based approach with some ready-made designs. If you like their designs you can build a decent website in about half an hour. It has powerful DTP and graphics tools built into the program, with the added bonus of being able to export PDF files should you need to add them to your website.

Overall though, I prefer NOF as has its roots in web publishing, while Serif Page Plus is a DTP package at heart.

  Pesala 19:37 28 Oct 2003

Especially for Golf Pros click here 00:54 31 Oct 2003

NOF is a great utility for a beginner (thanks for the plug for my site Group FC)

Trouble is that after a time you may want to take a backward step (yes, backwards) because it is too easy. I have just started to try and build a site using a basic HTML editor. I got the bug after messing about with a page using nothing more than Notepad. It's not great, click here but I dont think I will be using a WYSIWYG prog again. It takes all the fun out of it.

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