Simple USB ports problem solver please

  Zebrapec 22:46 19 Oct 2006

I am stuck with my USB ports (6) not working, like many 100's of others, reading the old subjects for discussion.
Is there a all-round problem solving way to:
1. find out if its a harware or software problem.
2. how to solve the problem

  woodchip 22:48 19 Oct 2006

No, Have they ever worked and when did they stop working? hasve you been doing anything with Hardware like adding ports?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:51 19 Oct 2006

Uninstall and reinstall EVERYTHING under the heading USB in device manager.

If that doesn't sort it then maybe you have blown the fuse on the motherboard (none repairable).

  Zebrapec 00:03 20 Oct 2006

Fruit Bat/\0/\,
If I need to replace the motherboard, is it a simple matter to just renew it, because I have heard of stories about MS licence's etc. and would it be compatable with the original HD?

  skidzy 00:17 20 Oct 2006

I have just rebuilt one of my systems and you have noted a very valid point regarding the HDD.

I had to re-validate my windows on the hdd,as the prompts on the screen led me nowhere.So i rang Microsoft and explained i had a blown Mobo but hardrive was fine.But they did say...if it is an upgrade they would not validate the windows as the OEM licence was tied to the mobo,but because it had blown they gave me another key and all is well at this time.

Firstly i would suggest you follow Fruit Bat /\0/\ suggestion of uninstalling all usb heading s in device manager and reboot,xp will load the generic drivers.

  Zebrapec 00:54 20 Oct 2006

Skidzy, thanks, a bit late now but I will do that next.

  woodchip 16:50 20 Oct 2006

You could buy a USB2 PCI 4 or 5 port. Save ripping the computer apart

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