Simple USB Hub Question

  Big Trev 00:10 03 Sep 2003

I wish to purchase a USB Hub and believe one of those that fits into the spare 3.5" floppy drive socket on the front of my PC case is favourite. However I don't really want to forego one of the existing USB ports at the rear of the PC to plug in a hub as this would result in wires trailing out of the front of the PC for permanently connected hardware such as the printer and internet connection.

Are there any 3.5" Internal USB hubs that do not require plugging into an existing USB port? Or would I have to buy a USB hub card and have to fiddle around at the back of the PC to connect and disconnect things?

  Nosmas 00:37 03 Sep 2003

Have a look at ebuyer's site click here - first item @ £10.53 plus VAT and P&P is very good value. This is now slightly cheaper than when I bought mine in June.

Also it is USB2 which is much faster than USB1. It is described as 2 ports (on the PCI card) and 3 ports on the front bay (which is where you would like to fit it), but mine actually had 4 ports on the front. Read the reviews and you will see others have also received the 4 port variety. Fitting the PCI card into a spare slot inside the machine and connecting the supplied ribbon cable from the PCI card to the front tray is absolutely no problem and only takes a few minutes (also confirmed in the reviews).

Go for it!!

  Big Trev 12:44 03 Sep 2003

Djohn - my mother board is a GA-7IXE4, and the manual would suggest it does have a USB connector.

I like the look of the hub Nosmas suggests though.

Thanks to both.

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