Simple PSU connecting problem - Please Help!!!!!

  theDarkness 12:11 02 Jan 2005

I have recently bought a Tagan PSU TG480-801. Everyone keeps saying to connect the black 4 pin to my board as well as the 20-pin, but the colours of the wires on the 4-pin are different on that ones of the 4 pin on my old PSU...?

My old PSU had two black and two yellow wires for the 4-pin, but the new PSUs black connector has different colours on the old PSUs 4-pin. Ive tried the blue "P4" labelled 4-pin connector as it had the same colour wires as the old PSUs 4-pin, but the machine froze up each time, so I didnt fancy trying the black 4-pin or the other "P4+" blue 4-pin, just to be safe.

Heres the PSU box, the three 4-pins at the bottom (two blue, one black next to the 20 pin)
click here

Its not very clear what to use from the box above, and it looks like the black 4-pin would only be used as some sort of special combo setup on some motherboards where you have to use it as well as one of the blue ones. Labelling the black 4-pin as "24pin" and stating in the text that a 24pin is only used for BTX systems just confuses it further... urk... think I'll wait for my reply from Tagan!

If someone can help that would be great- but is it really that wise to try the black 4-pin even though the wiring colours are different? Most people seem to tell me that a 4pin is always 2xblack and 2xyellow?

  theDarkness 12:44 02 Jan 2005

I thought I may have to use one of the blue 4pins, but I am unsure which one. I have just tried the "P4" blue 4pin (2xblack, 2xyellow), but this just crashes my machine, so I did not want to attempt the other "P4+"?

thanks for replying

  theDarkness 12:48 02 Jan 2005

PS: I have a 20 pin and a 4 pin slot on my VIA motherboard, nowt else. The model is a "GA-7VKML, VIA KM266 AGP set" or at least similar (I have a replacement VIA mb after the last one gave up on me)

  theDarkness 20:07 02 Jan 2005

any idea why the machine crashes when using it with the blue P4 connector? I definately use the 4 pin blue "P4" and not the 8-pin "P4+".
It usually crashes after a few minutes after starting windows, and has once or twice in the Bios as well. The PSU is definately connected properly, the black cabled 20 pin and the blue "P4" 4-pin is inserted well.

I doubt that theres anything in the Bios that I need to change in order to use the PSU properly- and if there was I guess it wouldnt crash.

My board is an ATX, and is around 2 yrs old. Even though the PSU is supposedly backwards compatible, could it be possible that my Via motherboard cannot take PSUs that are this powerful (up to 480W)? Im trying to find a reason as to why its crashing all the time. Ive got the old PSU (140W I think) in right now and the system is fine...?

thanks for the info

  ton 20:37 02 Jan 2005

"it be possible that my Via motherboard cannot take PSUs that are this powerful (up to 480W)?"


The power rating of a PSU being higher will not make the PC crash.

The motherboard will only take the amount of power that it needs.

It would appear that either the connections or the PSU is faulty.

  theDarkness 20:53 02 Jan 2005

yeah, maybe I can find someone that can test the psu, or I'll just send it back

I'd try the 20pin with the other blue cabled "P4+" 8-pin which has the same 4 coloured wiring but thats probably not a good idea, I dont know if I could damage the pc as a result?
The system is labelled as "20-4" on the inside of the casing though

  The Sack 20:57 02 Jan 2005

The ATX 2.2 standard requires a 24 pin ATX power connector, as has been said already its for mobos with PCI-E. Some PSUs come with a 24 to 20 pin adapater some come with the extra 4 pins flapping around, dont try shoving them in the 4 pin 12V socket on the mobo it might just go bang.

  ton 21:12 02 Jan 2005

There are some pics and info here that might help.

click here

  theDarkness 21:48 02 Jan 2005

yeah thats pretty much the same one Ive got with the 20pin lead, extra 4 pins for the 20 pin extension, 4-pin, and 8-pin, minus the fancy lights!

In my pic, I guess the blue 4-pin labelled as "P4+" alongside the blue 4-pin "P4" is just the extension for it, the same as how the black 4-pin labelled as "E" is the extension to make the 20-pin up to 24?

My old PSU was definately 20-4, the black 20-pin, with the 4-pin, as there are no other connections to extend either of them on my motherboard, and there were no other cables on the old PSU either apart from those two

New one must be faulty! I wouldve said im using the wrong blue cabled "p4" 4-pin adapter, maybe it would work if I connected the black 20-pin with the 4-pin blue cabled "P4+" instead of the blue cabled "P4" I tried before, but since its just an extension and essentially does the same job I doubt that would solve very much...

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