Simple programme to put 500 still photos on DVD

  Trikie 20:12 18 Dec 2016

Suggestions please for something basic, simple and as a bonus, free

  difarn 21:07 18 Dec 2016

I don't know which OS you are using but there is an easy way using the pictures library in Windows 7.

click here

  Trikie 21:28 18 Dec 2016

Thanks difarn. It's a lot of family photos going back many years and I would like to add titles to some of them, and also create several chapters in the DVD to make it easy to home in on different eras.

I've been trying to do it with a basic video editing programme but without success.

  difarn 22:45 18 Dec 2016

You could add titles to them within the pictures library by right-clicking on the photo and clicking on rename.

You could also organise the photos into folders before you burn them to dvd burning each folder individually.

  BT 08:57 19 Dec 2016

Microsoft PhotoStory is a very capable program. You can add titles, music and effects, to produce a polished story.

Downloads are available for all Windows versions.

Photostory download

Tutorials here


  lotvic 12:09 19 Dec 2016

or download MS PhotoStory from filehippo click here

  wee eddie 16:32 19 Dec 2016

Just a thought.

Will a single DVD contain enough memory for 500 High Resolution Photos?

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