simple network or not?

  Daxsimus 22:04 16 Oct 2004

Hi, I have two comps running win xp home and want to share the internet connection only. I have a 4 port ethernet hub and two straight-through CAT5E network cables. Can I set up a simple network with them or is there something I'm missing? I am on Wanadoo broadband with a usb modem. Any info greatly welcome.

  jg1990 22:16 16 Oct 2004

The equipment you've got will be fine for the network.

To setup the network you'll need to configure ICS on the host PC, this can either be done manually or by using XP's networking wizard.

Post back if you have any problems.

Regards, James

  jg1990 22:25 16 Oct 2004

to mention that you will only be able to access the internet through your network if the PC with the USB modem is switched on and connected.

If you want 'independant' access to the internet I suggest you buy a router for around £40. I can personally recommend Linksys.

  Daxsimus 22:44 16 Oct 2004

Thanks for all the advice.
Will the xp networking wizard set it all up for me? Seems the easiest way to go.
And also will I need to install the software that came with my wanadoo broadband on the second computer? Because the usb modem will only be connected to the main computer and then into the hub. sorry so many questions just all seems a bit confusing.
I might get a better idea when I try to connect it all but I wanted to get a rough idea before I started.

  jg1990 22:50 16 Oct 2004

The XP networking wizard will set up the internet connection sharing (ics) for you. Any folders/files you wish to share will need to be set up manually by right clicking on them then sharing.

On your second pc you won't need to install any more software. Just be sure to remember to run the wizard on both the computers.

  Daxsimus 22:56 16 Oct 2004

Thanks for all your help James.

I think I'm ready to try setting it up now. That's my sunday taken up anyway so might be back for more help tomorrow.

  jg1990 23:10 16 Oct 2004

post back tomorrow if you need anymore help.

  Daxsimus 20:28 21 Oct 2004

I have connected the hub and the cables. Ive run the network set up wizard. In my network places both computers are showing. Both computers say they are connected to the network but I cannot access the net. Any help please! Driving me crazy

  easyrider 20:36 21 Oct 2004

Have you enabled internet connection sharing on host computer.

  Daxsimus 20:38 21 Oct 2004

Yes i think so. How can I check? Can share files etc so network is connected.

  Daxsimus 20:46 21 Oct 2004

Yes it is enabled finally found it. Any more ideas?

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