Simple money programme for W 8

  GrannyA 14:27 02 Nov 2014

I have used Quicken for many years but my new Computer is Windows 8 and it is not compatible. Quicken Books is too expensive and much more than I need. Is there a reasonably priced programme similar to Quicken? I cant buy Quicken online as they will only deliver in USA

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:30 02 Nov 2014

Isn't MS monet one of the included apps on windows 8.?

  Pine Man 15:10 02 Nov 2014


I live in the UK and have Quicken De Luxe 2014 on my PC and Quicken 2015 Mac on my iMac.

Both were bought from Amazon US who are happy to deliver to the UK as long as you are happy to pay carriage and excise duty which isn't very much. Door to door takes just over a week and both programs work perfectly in Sterling.

  spuds 15:38 02 Nov 2014

Perhaps no where near to the standards or expectations of Quicken, but here's a selection of 'money' programs that are suppose to work with W8 click here

  QuizMan 19:40 02 Nov 2014

I have just managed to get Quicken 2004 running on a laptop operating the technical release of Windows 10 so it should work with W8 too.

I had access to my main PC so I could transfer files over to the laptop where necessary. This web page gave some useful pointers and you should use this as your starting point. Quicken on Windows 8. The link is for a 64 bit installation, but it works equally well on 32 bit which is what I have.

This got it up and running (of sorts), but it asked for an activation code. I had that available, but it said it was for a different computer. I got round it by copying all the Quicken files on my PC to a USB stick and transferred those to the Quicken folder on the Windows 10 laptop. Bingo.

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