simple mailto: code

  ikle_pixie 12:40 13 Feb 2003

Or can anyone explain how to do it?

I got one at the moment, but instead of sending it straight to my email when they click opens their mail client...any ideas?

  Sir Radfordin™ 12:52 13 Feb 2003

bit more detail needed. I presume you are talking about a form here?

the mailto command can be used in a similar way to a hyperlink.

You would have mailto:[email protected]?subject=subject line

If thats used as the link it will open up the email client and put in [email protected] and the subject line.

  jazzypop 13:33 13 Feb 2003

mailto: is designed to do what you say - open their email client with a blank email open, pre-addressed to you.As Sir Rad says, you can also have it with the Subject line filled in, to help you identify posts from your web site.

  Ben Avery (Work) 14:11 13 Feb 2003

you are talking about html? In which case it would be typed like thus:

<A HREF="maito:[email protected]in"> click here (or anything else you want the web page to read) </a>

As I recall???!!!


  ikle_pixie 18:26 13 Feb 2003

ah right, is there a way of it not opening the mail client or is that the only way? Yeah its html and it is a form..

  Sir Radfordin™ 19:08 13 Feb 2003

You can use forms to submit data to you and you will get it via email but not using mailto in the sense given above.

CGI scipts are one way of doing this.

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