Simple but irritating problem!

  OK Computer 15:25 24 Mar 2004

I was wondering if somebody could help. I’m having a very strange problem!!!

I have created a website in Dreamweaver MX. Nothing complicated, use a couple of frames and a few “flash buttons”.

When I preview the site in any other computer than my own it works fine, with the flash buttons connecting to the pages I have specified.

When I preview it from my own PC I get the standard IE error message:

"The page cannot be displayed
The page you are looking for is currently unavailable. The Web site might be experiencing technical difficulties, or you may need to adjust your browser settings."

I am running Internet Explorer Version 6 SP1. I’m running Windows XP Pro. I have reinstalled IE. Installed the latest shockwave and flash player but to no avail.

It works on other PC’s running varying OS’s and various versions of IE and consequently various versions of flash player.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled Dreamweaver. No joy at all!!

Any ideas at all??? This is driving me mad!

  OK Computer 15:38 24 Mar 2004

Also, when I right click the page that should be being displayed and choose properties where Address(URL): is meant to be displaying the correct URL I get:

res://C:\WINDOWS\System32\shdoclc.dll/dnserror.htm#file followed by the link to where my page is that im trying to link to.

Whereas my colleague has the page appear and under Address(URL): he gets:

file:// and then the correct path

  OK Computer 16:35 24 Mar 2004

One last thing!! Interestingly when I make it link to click here it works?!?!

Any ideas at all????!!!!

  OK Computer 16:35 24 Mar 2004

that was a linnk to googles website by the way

  Forum Editor 23:15 24 Mar 2004

or another firewall?

If you are, take a look to see if the internet site lock has been applied in the preferences.

  OK Computer 08:05 25 Mar 2004

Thanks for the reply.

I had read the odd article on the internet relating to Zone Alarm or other software firewalls being the problem but in this case, no I am not using any firewall software...

  BBez 21:05 03 Apr 2004

if you have a firewall, under trusted IP addresses add,

If you're running a web server (IIS) and are running the site from the "inetpub" folder without a "default document" listed, you need to check the "directory browsing" box for your website properties folder in IIS or dreamweaver won't let you preview it with F12.

If the pages are "static" html pages (no server-side scripting), you should be able to riht click it and select to open-with internet explorer

  OK Computer 08:28 05 Apr 2004

OK thanks for the responses.

The pages are "static" html files, not published to the web and simply running locally on the PC. Therefore I havent published the site to an IIS server. The strange thing is that it works on PC's in the same network, under the same firewall so it cannot be a firewall related problem...

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