Simple home network

  ned3110 16:26 13 Jun 2010

I have a desktop pc running Vista and a laptop running 7. The desktop pc is connected to an orange livebox via a wired connection and the laptop is connected via a wireless connection. The connection are good and both can connect to the internet no worries. What I wish to do is network them together so that I can view pictures and use the printers on the desktop pc. Unfortunately I am having problems. I can see the laptop from the desktop but when I click on it, it prompts for username and password. After putting this in it tells me that its incorrect, but I know they're right. Where am I going wrong? All I want to do is just start a fresh and set up a simple network which Microsoft claims is easy!

Please help!

  mgmcc 19:41 13 Jun 2010

The Username and Password that you're being prompted for are those with which you're logged in to the *REMOTE* computer, not the computer you are operating. It actually simplifies networking to use the *SAME* Username/Password in each computer.

  ned3110 21:02 13 Jun 2010

I know its not for the computer that I'm on but the one I want to access and I do use the same username and password on both! but it wont accept it!

  mgmcc 07:53 14 Jun 2010

Have the folders in Vista that you want to access been shared with the correct "permissions" set?

  The Potter 15:35 31 Aug 2010

Not sure if it's true, but I've recently brought a laptop running Win 7 and it says it can only view docs on another Win 7 system via the network. I haven't tried it.


  mgmcc 17:49 31 Aug 2010

No, it isn't true. You can only set up a "Homegroup" between PCs running Windows 7, but you can still set up a conventional Local Area Network between Windows 7 and other operating systems.

I have Windows 7 networked with XP Home, XP Pro, Vista and Mac OSX.

  Strawballs 22:49 31 Aug 2010

Windows 7 defaults to a password protected network that will only work with other windows 7 so to get it to work with vista and XP go to the network and sharing centre on the win 7 machine and switch off password protection. That is what I did and I now have a working network between 2 XP 1 vista and 1 win 7 machines.

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