simple explanation?

  Stowit 11:15 02 Nov 2004

Without going into reams of detail (but I will if necessary) my 2.9g P4 XP Pc used to boot in a few seconds to the desktop. Since yesterday, it shows the initial screen for about 20 secs, goes blank for 30 secs, then spends a further 10 or so (all aprox) completeing the desktop. I've not loaded any programs, or altered any hardware. Any ideas?

  rawprawn 11:25 02 Nov 2004

Have you run your AV and Adware programs to check for viruses or malware ?

  xania 11:32 02 Nov 2004

Have you altered any software settings? In particular, if you have asked your PC to scan for viruses on boot-up, this could also account for the delay.

  Stowit 11:35 02 Nov 2004

No, everything else just seems normal. I have tried restoring to the day before, but no change. I try the stuff!

  Stowit 15:40 02 Nov 2004

I've just found some viruses, & will now try Spybot. If it's not cured'll try re-posting. Thanks.

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