Simple (?) Excel Question.

  Epirb406 21:25 05 Jan 2011

Hi all,

I think my describing what I want to do is going to be as tricky as the problem....

I keep a simple accounts spreadsheet for house accounts.

Columns A to P are for different kinds of income or expenditure.

Column S is the running balance, calculated by simple addition or subtraction of the columns.

All S rows below the most recently filled in display the previous running balance, ie the result of the cells formula.

Can I stop the repeated display of the most recent balance in the remaining rows?

Hope I am asking this question in the right place and that I have made myself clear.

Many thanks,


  johnnyrocker 21:37 05 Jan 2011

you may find help here click here


  Epirb406 21:47 05 Jan 2011

Hi Johnny,

Thanks for the link, one of the problems is the HUGE amount of info out there, was hoping it was so simple someone would just point me where I needed to be....

  mgmcc 21:55 05 Jan 2011

The way I'd do it is to have a column "T" with the total of columns A to P in each row. The "Balance" column would use an IF statement. If "T" is greater than 0, then the balance is the previous balance + the value in T, else "" (which is a blank text field). Setting the column width of T to zero will hide it.

...although I'm sure there's "proper" way to do it. :)

  Epirb406 22:41 05 Jan 2011

Well, mgmcc,

Had to find out what you were talking about but... That certainly worked, took a bit of fiddling and having let the wizard make my formulas I am not entirely sure why they are like they are but it works!

Thank you very much.

Now, were I want to display that running balance elsewhere on the sheet, would I have to have another hidden column with my original formulas in it and hide that too?

You have been most kind!


  mgmcc 23:15 05 Jan 2011

If you wanted to have the running balance elsewhere, all you need to do is make its cells equal to those in column "S". For example, If you wanted column "Z" to show the same running balance, you'd enter in Z1 the formula =S1 and in Z2 the formula =S2 and so on.

  Epirb406 21:29 06 Jan 2011

Thank you very much for the help, all up and running!

Cheers, Epirb.

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