simple easy to understand firewall

  eysha 19:47 24 Jun 2010

Hi, i recently put PC tools firewall plus on a friends computer. he is really new to computers and it is confussing him. Can anyone suggest a firewall that doesn't need attention and is easy to understand please?
It seems to worry him when it keeps popping things up and he keeps phoning to ask me, lol. I don't mind that but an easier one would help him.
Many thanks

  tullie 19:55 24 Jun 2010

If he is using Vista the Windows firewall is ok.

  rawprawn 20:19 24 Jun 2010

As tullie says Vista or Wndows 7, just use it's own Firewall and it needs no attention at all, simply make sure it's turned on.

  eysha 20:24 24 Jun 2010

he is using win 7 and i am using vista and i didn't know that. i too am using pc firewall so now i can uninstall it? E

  birdface 20:30 24 Jun 2010

Kerio Firewall should be the best for him.
No pop ups asking you to allow or deny programs.

  rawprawn 20:33 24 Jun 2010

Yes no problem, just make sure you have an up to date AV program

  eysha 20:33 24 Jun 2010

Not heard of that Buteman. If vista and win 7 can do it for him/me that sounds good, nothing to think or worry about.

  birdface 20:35 24 Jun 2010

Looks like it is called Sunbelt personal Firewall now.

You can download the full trial version and it will revert to the free version after a month if you do not want to pay for it.
Or just download the free version.

click here

  eysha 20:35 24 Jun 2010

I/WE hsvr microsoft security essential - will that do?

  birdface 20:37 24 Jun 2010

If Vista or W7 use the Windows version if XP use Sunbelt.

  rawprawn 20:37 24 Jun 2010


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